Google has become ubiquitous with modern life. How many times have you performed a Google search today? Or asked a friend to ‘Google it’? Google is King of the internet and can impact how many people see your business online. For your business to be seen, you need to cater to Google’s SEO requirements. This ever-evolving set of rules dictates how high up in search results your business appears. A recent change to their algorithm takes social media activity into account and it’s why social media matters on Google now.

In the past, it didn’t matter how many likes, shares or followers you had. But as social media has become as much an everyday part of life as Google, things have changed. Now, every Pinterest board you create, every meme you retweet and every blog post you Facebook share counts.

If you’re not already using social media marketing (if not, why not?), now is the ideal time to take the first step. You’ll not only benefit from gaining access to a wider audience via social networks but you can start building a community to improve your SEO position.

Google, SEO and Social Media: BFFs or Frenemies?

Let us take you through the history of SEO, briefly. We know SEO can be mind-boggling occasionally so we’re going to keep it simple.

Back in 2010, Google’s Matt Cutts stated in a video that social signals from Twitter and Facebook did play a role in Google rankings.

Just four years later, Matt Cutts backtracked on this, now stating that social signals did not factor in rankings.

Still with us? Basically, over the years Google has made various statements that both confirm and deny that SEO rankings use social media data.

So, how do things stand in 2019?

It’s still slightly murky waters, but most sources indicate that yes, rankings do include data from social media channels. So, those with active and engaged social media accounts will see a boost to their SEO ranking.  

SEO is now the single most important reason as to why social media matters on Google.

The Best Place To Hide A Dead Body Is Page 2 Of The Google Search Results

We now know that having a buzzing social media account is like sending out a bat signal to search engines that your business is active. But to really understand why social media matters on Google we have to understand why SEO matters.

Modern life is busy. We like our content bite-sized and snackable for those few minutes we can spare in the bus queue or our lunch break. We don’t have the time to trawl through websites to find content. Good content is quick and accessible. If your business isn’t finding a way to optimise SEO, then your business isn’t accessible.

Research shows that three out of four clicks from internet searches go to the top five positions on Google. And with nine out of ten (91%) clicks from Google Search going to the results on the first page, SEO is vital for modern businesses.

We’re performing more searches than ever before. To clarify, we all carry around tiny computers in our pocket/briefcase/bumbag. Consequently, with the internet at our fingertips via smartphones and tablets, we’re used to getting what we want, quickly.

So, if you’re not utilising SEO and making the most of keywords, then your content isn’t reaching its maximum potential.

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