What’s your morning routine? Does it start with coffee, buttered toast and a side helping of Twitter scrolling? You’re not alone. There are more than 3 billion people who are now relying on a morning hit of social media alongside their caffeine. They’re not just there for memes and celebrities either. A survey by Sherpa Marketing found that more people follow brands on social media than follow celebs. That’s why social media marketing is vital for any business.

In fact, the reality is that a social media presence is no longer optional for businesses. It’s as vital as having a website or a phone number. Furthermore, it’s not just a numbers game. Social media marketing gives you access to a huge audience. It also does it quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently. Still need some convincing?

Let us explain why social is the best tool for modern marketing.

Social Media Marketing Increases Brand Awareness

First of all, there are no barriers to entry. Simply register your account and in minutes you’re ready to go. Need some tips on how to get started and set up on social media? We’ve got you covered.

Social media provides the perfect platform to show the world exactly what your business does. No matter the size or structure of your company. You get exactly the same space, opportunity, and voice as every other brand online.

To put it another way, almost half the population are at your fingertips. More importantly, you have the exact same power and potential as even the biggest conglomerates. Where else do you get that opportunity?

Still wondering why you should both with social media marketing? 90% of all marketers say social media marketing has increased their business exposure. So brush up on your hashtags knowledge and get socialising!  

Cost Effective Marketing For Any Business

Social media is free. None of the main platforms do, and likely never will, charge you for creating and sharing posts. So even if your marketing budget is minuscule, you have a voice and access to an audience. Yes, organic reach is down – but for free, you can still share content.

However, to really tap into the power of social media marketing, you should consider pairing your organic activities with paid-for advertising. Social media adverts give you a lot of bang for your buck. They’re generally much lower cost than traditional methods. Furthermore, they can be fine-tuned to ensure your marketing is going directly to your core audience. Even if that’s incredibly niche.

Social Media Marketing Opens Networking Opportunities

There’s a reason they’re called social networks. They’re not just a great place to market. There’s also the potential for connecting with industry experts, influencers, and your customers.

This is not only a valuable insight into the needs and demands of your core audience. It also opens the door to form relationships with influencers who could hype your brands. These social media celebrities are perfect for delivering the authentic, human response that modern consumers appreciate. Their word of mouth advertising packs a powerful punch.

Gen Z are particularly fond of influencer marketing. In fact, 44% of Gen Z respondents stated that they had followed up on a digital recommendation.

Humanise Your Brand

There’s something delightfully informal about social media. Keeping it casual and learning to be fluent in emojis and gifs shows that behind your brand, there’s a human face. And people like that. They want to feel connected. Not alienated by corporate speech and confusing buzzwords.

Take the time to develop your own, strong tone of voice. Customers will respond positively and remember your brand favourably. You’ll build up a loyal and engaged fanbase who want to help spread the word about your brand.

Feedback From Your Community is Vital

Of course, it’s not just about spreading the word. A community is a vital resource to get feedback on how your marketing, and business, in general, is performing.

You can analyse and use data that comes directly from your customers to improve your business. It’s less intrusive and lower cost than traditional market research. Not only that, it will boost the image of your company as a business that listens to what people want.

We can’t extol the virtues of analytics enough. But let’s face it, why wouldn’t we sing the praises of an easily accessible tool that allows in-depth views on how your marketing is performing? Who wouldn’t want a tool that lets you plan a successful strategy with rapid, accurate, and detailed data?

Enhanced SEO Results

And speaking of tech-based benefits, we’re going to finish up with SEO. Social media presence is becoming a key factor in how Google rankings are calculated. Brands that share regular content on social media are sending out a signal to search engines that they’re active, engaged, and constant. Think of it as a bat signal. But you don’t have to don spandex to send it out. Just share consistent and quality content with your community.

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