People still buy from people right?

Everyone knows that people buy from people, right? Therefore business leaders buy from other business leaders? Yet businesses and business leaders, in particular, seem to have forgotten the power of human interaction. The digital revolution instead of enabling greater communication opportunities has dumbed down the experience. But that is a good thing for those business leaders who realise this and are happy to take steps to embrace social and build relationships with their customers. Here’s my take on why business leaders should publish content.

The face of your business should be a person. If your ideal customer only knows the product their relationship with you will only be about the product. As good as any product is; we all agree people buy from people. When you have a person that your ideal customer can see, interact and empathise with; your customer base will simply be more engaged. The counterintuitive thing is that businesses tend to rely heavily on their product, focusing on features, advantages, benefits from their sales copy.

Who is the best person in your business to share your message?

Who knows the business the best? Who can tell the best stories and consistently represent what the business is all about? Who won’t be leaving when a better offer comes their way? The founder, the CEO of the business. They must get out in front of their business and build the relationships that the business needs.

The age of social media has provided every business owner with the ability to put their face in front of their ideal customer every single day. That doesn’t mean that the business owner should be selling non-stop with this ability. But through developing appropriate content formats and channels, you can build relationships with your ideal customers. Your customers will make buying decisions based on relationships, rather than solely on price or features/advantages and benefits.

What content should the CEO be producing?

So what content works? Well if anyone tells you what content works, they are only guessing because for every sector, every price point and every business this is different. The idea is you take action and share. Share your story. The evolution of the business, why you started it and how it got to where it is today. Share the success of your clients and celebrate your own wins as well. The more that you can show you are human and that your customers can trust you the better.

If your business is large enough to have a sales team the fact that the CEO produces content is a rallying call. Any CEO focussed content can be easily shared, referred to and quoted in other marketing materials. It makes the marketing team’s life so much easier as well. And will act as a catalyst to their own social media content production. Imagine the digital footprint of a business with a CEO that has new content going out every day. Content across all channels and a sales team that produces similar content and laser focussed sales outreach. Now that is a business that’s going somewhere.

Here’s a relevant clip from our latest Social INK Show episode:

Why business leaders should publish content

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James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James, Commercial Director here at Social INK, is a strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability for seeing the big picture, then breaking it down and systematising the processes needed to achieve it.