A lot of small businesses and entrepreneurs we meet are stuck for ideas when it comes to their social media and digital marketing. It’s a strange concept to us. Especially since these are awesome individuals who have the creativity to build their own business from scratch. Today I want to tell you about using Facebook Live video for business.

Creative Block

We’ve all heard of writers’ block. And let’s face it, we don’t all want to spend 30 minutes researching a blog article. Another 10 minutes getting some ideas down. And then 20 minutes writing a blog post. I mean, who has an hour to spend on yet another blog post? (We’re writing 100 blogs in a month over the course of June, but we’re not normal).

So what happens on those days, weeks, or even months, when you’re really not sure what you should be creating for your business’ website or social media channels?

How About Facebook Live Video for Business?

Here’s the thing. When you’re out of ideas, when you’re not sure what to do next to promote your business, and when you’re running short of time, you should turn to Facebook live video for your business. Why I hear you ask?

It gives you an opportunity to showcase who you really are and what your company is really about.

When you pick up your phone and turn on the Live stream, it’s just you, your business, and the camera. Nothing needs to be staged. There’s no need for extras. No real need for a script either. It’s just you, being you. What could be easier than that?

No matter what your business does — if it’s B2C or B2B — it doesn’t matter. Facebook Live video for business gives you a chance to create something that’s truly real. And most importantly, something that’s unique to your business. YOU!

What Sort of Things Can You Film or Talk About?

This is the beauty of going live. You can talk about anything and everything. It doesn’t need to be rehearsed. Don’t overthink it. And you know what, if it doesn’t go as planned, no dramas either. You can adapt and evolve the stream. Just like you do with everything else in your business.

If you want some ideas, then how about some of these?

  1. YOUR BUSINESS PREMISES – Take a walk around your coffee shop, your retail outlet, your kitchen, your packaging area, and simply talk a little about what happens in that part of the business.
  2. INTRODUCE THE TEAM – If you have staff, why not bring them into the mix? Take a walk around the office and introduced your team members. Even better, do a short one-on-one with each member of the team. That will give you multiple opportunities to use Facebook Live video for business.
  3. SHOWCASE YOUR PRODUCTS – Just baked a fresh batch of cupcakes? Recently received a new order of products? Created a new offer or a new product altogether? Talk it through with your audience, live.
  4. JUST YOU IN THE OFFICE? – If you’re sitting in your office, alone, in front of the computer, currently going through the company accounts, take a break. Now’s a great time. Show people that behind the scenes there’s a real person working hard to deliver that amazing product of yours, and talk a little about what’s to come.
  5. GOING TO AN EVENT? – There’s nothing better than going live from an industry event. Ok, there’s one thing better — going live from an event you’re taking part in. Get on that live video stream and show the world what you’re up to.

Don’t Overthink Going Live for Business

Too many of us think, “I can’t do that!” Or worse still, “I’m no good at that.” Remember, when you were a kid, you couldn’t ride a bicycle without stabiliser wheels… Until you could!

Get up, dust yourself off, start again. The more you do it, the better you’ll get. And the best thing about going live is, if you don’t like it once it’s finished, you don’t HAVE to keep it. You can always delete it.

But I’ll guarantee, once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll start to get the hang of it. You’ll be more and more comfortable with it. Heck, you may even start to get carried away and go live from a canoe, just like our Head of Content, Gareth Alvarez did.

One thing is for sure, don’t be afraid to do it!

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Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Chris, founder and CEO of Social INK, has devised and consulted on more digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns than you can shake a stick at. He’s also got a bit of a thing for online advertising and social media advertising.