So much to do, not enough time. Life for a business in startup mode is pretty chaotic at the best of times. Small teams trying to get every little job done. Funds spent as soon as they’ve hit the bank account. Meetings. Pitches. Events. Business Expos. Travel. There’s a lot to keep up with. Forget trying to come up with Twitter bio ideas.

This is often why social media for startups becomes either a low-priority in-house task or one that gets outsourced to a specialist social media marketing agency.

However, outsourcing in the early stages of a startup is not always possible (just read the first four sentences in this article). With the majority of profits being reinvested in production, business development, or sales, outsourcing marketing activities is an added expense that usually gets sidelined.

Of course, this is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario: marketing helps drive sales which in turn helps pay for further marketing. But it can be difficult to afford early on. So, for those startups handling their social media in-house, we’re here to help. We’ve previously written extensive guides on social media marketing for startups (this is the first in a series of 6 guides to help get you started on social media). However, here, we’re going to look more closely at Twitter bio ideas to help get you set up on this wonderfully diverse, and often overlooked, social media platform.

Why Use Twitter for Marketing?

When it comes to social media marketing, Facebook is often the first choice platform. It’s the biggest and most sophisticated social network and as such offers a whole array of tools for marketers to use. Despite this, it doesn’t do everything. Which is where Twitter comes in.

Twitter is something of a micro-blogging platform. It’s built for conversations. With this in mind, Twitter marketing provides businesses with a platform where they can:

  • Easily interact with customers and followers
  • Quickly share information and content
  • Drive engagement for promotions
  • Network with industry leaders
  • Improve brand recognition
  • Manage the brand’s reputation

Learn more about Marketing with Twitter in our essential guide.

However, it’s easy to get carried away with grand marketing plans and ideas for big social media campaigns. Really, the focus, at first, should be on doing the small things well.

A brand’s Twitter marketing begins on its profile page. Your handle, profile pic, header image and bio are effectively your shop window. This display needs to entice people in. That’s why it’s important to take time to research and brainstorm Twitter bio ideas. You only get 150 characters to showcase your business. So you’ll need to get creative.

The Key Ingredients of a Good Twitter Bio

Getting started is always the hardest part. The ideation process can be time-consuming and frustrating. Especially when you have other more pressing things on your mind. Certainly, coming up with Twitter bio ideas would be a whole lot easier if there was some sort of template or framework to refer to.

For this reason, we’ve compiled a quick checklist of items to include and ideas for your Twitter bio.

  • Summarise your brand mission and USP
  • Include references or links to any amazing reviews, endorsements, or awards
  • Use emojis to illustrate what you do/offer instead of words
  • Provide links to your other social media profiles or landing pages
  • Add a call to action
  • Incorporate relevant brand-related or industry-related hashtags

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It’s next to impossible to include all of these elements in a single Twitter bio. There just isn’t enough space. However, the checklist above does provide a good starting point for generating Twitter bio ideas.

Not all the points will be relevant to your startup, so you can pick and choose which ones you wish to use. Then, working within your 150 character limit, you can start to create and refine your Twitter bio ideas until you have something that truly epitomises and showcases your brand in its own distinct tone of voice.

However, if you’re still struggling for inspiration, read on.

Twitter Bios from Successful Startups

A good place to start when seeking inspirational Twitter bio ideas is to see what other, already successful, startups in your sector are doing. Of course, as a startup, time is not your friend so, once again, we’ve compiled a list of examples to help you on your way.

Fintech Startup Twitter Bio Examples

If you’re a FinTech startup, get some Twitter bio ideas from these successful startups in your sector:


Twitter Bio Examples for Fintech - Revolut


Twitter Bio Examples for Fintech - Monzo


Twitter Bio Examples for Fintech - TransferGo


Twitter Bio Examples for Fintech - Heliocor


Twitter Bio Examples for Fintech - Inamo

Twitter Bio Ideas for Travel Startups

For startups in the travel sector, the following Twitter bio examples will provide some food for thought:

Peak Design

Twitter Bio Examples for Travel Startups - Peak Design

Welcome Beyond

Twitter Bio Examples for Travel Startups - Welcome Beyond

Miscellaneous Bio Ideas for Startups

And finally, here’s a mixed selection of Twitter bios taken from retail, food delivery, and location mapping startups:

Park and Diamond

Twitter Bio Examples for Startups - Park & Diamond


Twitter Bio Examples for Startups - Deliveroo


Twitter Bio Examples for Startups - what3words

Still Struggling for Ideas?

If you’re still struggling for inspiration or simply can’t find the time to set up your Twitter bio or any of your other social media profiles, get in touch.

We have extensive experience working with startups and managing their social media marketing and content marketing activities.

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