Here are essential tips on digital marketing to help you get your content marketing on track and yielding results. If you want results, you need a plan. How else are you going to know what success looks like? Firstly, you need to set goals and targets. Then, you need to plan out how you intend to achieve them. But this is easier said than done. And, as with most challenges, the biggest hurdle is taking that first step and knowing where to start.

Welcome to the Digital Marketing Gym

An analogy I used recently during our 30 Days of Live challenge, was likening content marketing to a gym workout.

Let’s unpick this analogy a bit more.

For example, if you regularly find yourself short of breath you probably need to increase the amount of cardio exercise you do. This is the most obvious starting point. However, you probably won’t go straight into high-intensity sprint training for hours at a time. That is to say, you should really aim for gradual and incremental progression in the frequency, length and intensity of your workouts. Too much too soon and you could negatively impact your progress. That’s why concepts like Couch to 5K exist. Your journey is mapped out for you in stages.

In effect, you’re given a workout plan. A method to help you achieve your goal.

As far as essential tips on digital marketing go, they don’t get simpler, more specific, or more actionable than creating a plan.

And this is how you do it.

Digital Marketing Planning Tips

Sticking with the gym workout analogy, let’s break down your digital marketing into the following key areas: Exercise, Nutrition, and Recovery.

EXERCISE — This is the main and most varied component. Digital marketing exercises should be made up of a range of different activities to prevent plateauing and stagnation. Hence, it is the element of your digital marketing that you have to plan most carefully in order to make progress.

NUTRITION — In other words, what you use to supplement your activities and feed your progress.

RECOVERY — Reflecting, evaluating, adjusting and iterating systematically as you move through the various exercises.

Let’s begin.

Essential Tips on Digital Marketing Exercise

Digital marketing exercises come in different shapes and sizes depending on your goals. As with any workout plan, you want variety and balance. To clarify, don’t overwork one muscle group and ignore another—otherwise, you’ll end up looking out of proportion.

Balance applies to content marketing, too. Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Likewise, don’t spread yourself too thin. You need to find a manageable range of activities to pursue, regularly and consistently.

Take, for instance, blogging. Currently, it is one of the best ways to improve your search engine rankings. But if all you do is blog, then you’re limiting your reach and appeal. So, mix it up a little. Throw in some videos, quote graphics, slideshares, interviews, or Q&As. Create, or repurpose, content for different audiences across different channels.

Nutrition: Feed Your Content Marketing

Dietary supplements, vitamins, meal plans—all these form an integral part of an athlete’s holistic approach to training. The same should apply to your content marketing. This is another one of our essential digital marketing tips.

Read, discuss, and engage with people inside and outside your sector. Inspiration and motivation can be found in the most unlikely of places. You won’t find inspiration or new ideas if you stick to the same old routine, day in, day out.

Keep abreast of developments and industry updates. Attend events and join forums where you can discuss these sector-specific changes. Talk to people. In the long run, all these activities will supplement your content marketing. In fact, you’ll find the more you immerse yourself, the more you’ll have to talk about. And this just fuels your digital marketing.

Recover, Reflect, Repeat

As you progress through your digital marketing plan, it is important to take time to recover from the effort you’re putting in. Step back. Take a look at what you’ve done. Analyse your progress so far. Identify what’s working. Evaluate what isn’t. Tweak and go again.

Don’t leave recovery to the end of the process. Otherwise, you’ll burn out and not know why.

What does this mean in content marketing terms?

Check your analytics weekly, or at least fortnightly. It’s important to go through your data and interpret it. A point often overlooked is the need to take time away from your digital marketing efforts and focus on analysing your performance. Fail to do this, and you may not see the progress you expected.

More Tips on Digital Marketing

If you’d like more essential tips on digital marketing, have a browse of our blog archive. However, if you contact us directly, we’d be happy to arrange a time to talk and help you with your social media marketing and content marketing.

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