The team at Social INK have a history of content creation challenges ranging from a month of going live every day, the month of 100 blogs (no one talks about that one) and even starting a podcast from scratch; The All About Digital Marketing Podcast. So when our Commercial Director James O’Donnell suggested we record a long-form video show called The Social INK Show – we simply booked in the time and boom it happened. 

As a business we default to taking action, testing what works and then replicating that for our clients. We have shown that content production has an impact on our blogs. We have shown that live content engages with your audience. And the benefits of producing a Podcast have been huge. 

So why long-form content?

Why create The Social INK Show? There are many benefits of long-form content. 

Firstly the long-form content is a great way to share more content focused on what you are all about as a business – actually sharing your personality and ideas, and if someone spends the time to consume the long-form then they have got to be fans. And fans of your content will share more of what you produce and in the long run, even become customers of one form or another. 

Secondly long-form content does not have to sit in a silo and be consumed all in one go. A smart agency or business will repurpose the ideas and content from anything it produces in long-form. There can be shorter videos cut and posted to social media, blogs written from the ideas discussed, snippets of wisdom turned into Instagram posts. And we’re just scraping the surface here. 

The Social INK Show, Another Experiment

As we publish and share The Social INK Show we will experiment to see what works and what doesn’t and share as we go along. The recording itself was raw. The internet connection was a bit fuzzy at points, we just used our iPhones for the video and Zoom for the conversation. 

But that’s the point! Every business has access to this equipment and should feel free to challenge themselves and experiment in a raw state. Sure, later on, we can add better quality video, microphones and branding to the video. But for now, we’ve recorded, edited and published fast! 

We want to see what works and if it doesn’t… it doesn’t matter because we haven’t spent months agonising and trying to perfect something in a silo. Test in public! 

We really hope you enjoy the first episode of The Social INK Show – it was a lot of fun to record and something we want to do more of. It is now down to the court of public opinion to tell us! 

Yes OR No? 


Check out the first episode of The Social INK Show below:

SOME LINKS FROM THE SHOW (we can’t add cards yet to the video content 😕):

02:07 – The Random Show
04:03 – Kobayashi – The Usual Suspects – Spoiler Alert
09:00 – 30 Day Blogging Challenge on and
24:30 – The All About Digital Marketing Podcast
25:55 – Going Live Every Day for 30 days
28:45 – Dan Kelsall on LinkedIn
31:36 – James O’Donnell on YouTube
32:03 – JOD’s Dad on YouTube
33:23 – JOD’s most popular video
35:00 – Chris’s most popular video

You can find all our videos over on the Social INK YouTube Channel.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James, Commercial Director here at Social INK, is a strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability for seeing the big picture, then breaking it down and systematising the processes needed to achieve it.