Gareth Alvarez

Head of Content
8+ Years
Cold. No Milk. No Sugar. No Coffee. Just water.

As Head of Content, Gareth makes sure that every word counts. His creative vision transforms vague ideas and flat-sounding KPIs into engaging campaigns. His time is spent developing creative, strategic content across blogs, emails, ads, and basically anything that involves words (so everything). 

Prior to taking up this role at Social INK, Gareth did a stint with the agency back in the “Just Consulting” days. In 2010, he joined Chris and the team as a copywriter and editor. Since then, he has been a major part of the agency’s growth, helping it become what it is today. Gareth’s work in blogging, magazines, TV and advertising campaigns means he’s crucially aware of all the pieces needed to make content successful. At every level. He also has over 13 years’ experience as a teacher of English and Media. Words are (figuratively) his bread and butter.

Gareth has the innate ability to cut through the jargon and the noise to help our clients understand the strategy — and their audience to understand the actual intention. If you’re ever stuck for “just the right word” or need a fresh idea to get attention, Gareth is the man to make it happen.

Just make sure you get your commas in the right place. Or don’t. Because Gareth will. When he’s not correcting the rest of the team’s grammar, he’s also a film enthusiast, gym junkie, and OMBassador for our partners at One Minute Briefs.

“Gareth has been proactive, professional and full of energy in all his interactions. A real pleasure to engage with.”