Chris Bruno

CEO & Founder
10+ Years
Black Americano

Chris, our Founder & CEO, doesn’t look old enough to have been in sales and marketing for nearly two decades. But he has. And that’s a wealth of experience that he brings to the table.

After several years in sales and marketing roles, Chris opted for the entrepreneurial route in 2008 and founded what was then Just Consulting, a digital marketing agency, in Gibraltar. 

His entrepreneurial spirit soon led him to establish and launch Your Gibraltar TV (YGTV) in 2011, Gibraltar’s first-ever online television channel, helping it to achieve 80k+ views a month within its first year. In 2014 the agency was rebranded as Social INK and operations were moved to London, with YGTV sold the following year, in 2015.

Despite the agency’s evolution, Chris has always remained focused on creating and delivering marketing solutions that consistently exceed client expectations. His working philosophy permeates the company: to always keep our clients’ best interests at heart.

In 2016 Chris made the bold and progressive move to transform Social INK into a decentralised agency, working completely remotely, which is handy because Chris is a huge fan of travel (he now owns a VW Campervan – the ultimate remote working accessory).

No matter where in the world you may find him, Chris continues to work daily on digital marketing consultancy and strategy for our clients. He advises and supports early-stage businesses and startups, facilitating long-term growth through strategic social media marketing, content marketing, and online advertising. Chris is also a digital marketing coach, mentoring individuals, solopreneurs and startups in need of ongoing one-to-one support. More recently, he’s taken up the mantle of podcast host for the All About Digital marketing podcast, interviewing specialists and experts from different areas of digital marketing, and exploring how businesses employ social media and content marketing strategies to help them thrive.

When he’s not busy driving Social INK forward, Chris can often be found either cooking up a delicious storm or enjoying a good meal out with friends and family. He’s a bit of a wannabe gamer too (some habits die hard).

“Have worked with Chris for a number of years now. The fact I keep returning is a testament to the quality of work they produce and the team’s efforts to satisfy the client. I can be very demanding and difficult to work with at times but they handle it well. Top agency that keeps growing.”

Canna SVG