Social INK started in 2008 in Gibraltar. In 2014 we opened our UK office. Today, we are a remote team working with clients across the world, from the UK, Gibraltar, and beyond. Here are the key people on our team.


Christopher Bruno - Chris started Just Consulting in 2008, a Digital Creative agency that started in Gibraltar. As he says, it "took us 6 years to build Social INK as we needed the experience of how to run an "old fashioned" agency (for want of a better word) before our eyes were opened and we could see how our clients wanted Social INK to work". 

Chris has been in sales and marketing for over a decade. He's run and owned magazines, online television channels and created more campaigns for clients that you could shake a stick at. Loads of experience, great fun to work with and always the first to get stuck in.

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Social INK - GarethAlvarez

Gareth Alvarez - Gareth has been around in one guise or other since the Just Consulting days. Passionate about the power of words he joined Chris and the team in 2010 as a Copywriter and Editor. He spent 5 years in this role; creating content for JC’s various clients, before going fully freelance. As a freelance copywriter Gareth’s has overseen all the content creation for the launch of two new online casinos, amongst a range of other work.

He has blogged, written for magazines (both print and online), worked in TV and developed advertising campaigns. Gareth also has over 10 years’ experience as a teacher of English and Media. He loves film, punctuation and terrible puns. 

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Anna Simmonds - Anna joined the team in 2017 and works behind the scenes with our clients to hit targets and make their vision come to life. She creates engaging and on brand social media campaigns to make sure even the smallest piece of content sets the right tone.

With over six years of digital marketing experience, Anna has a holistic skill set spanning email, social media, blogging, and copywriting so she can create content in context of your overall strategy. 

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Digital Content Executive


Gaia Parasecoli - Gaia uses over seven years of marketing experience and her eye for detail to support our clients with reporting, monitoring, and creative details across campaigns to give that finishing touch. She has a Master's in Marketing from LIM College in New York, and focuses specifically on digital marketing and social media.

Gaia's experience and organisational skills keep our team up-to-date on all our clients' channels, making sure we hit targets and respond to followers quickly.

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Digital Content Creator


Louise (Lula) Lavender - Lula has a strong background in copywriting and administration, including writing for the Press Association. She uses her skills to research and write engaging copy for blogs, articles, social media, and other digital content.

Lula creates unique bespoke copy that fits the tone and strategy of each client, to engage their audience and grow their following.

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And of course, the most important member of our team is... YOU, OUR CLIENTS! 

All our clients form part of our team as far as we are concerned. The team only feels complete when we have great clients whom work with us to create marketing magic!  

So really, you, as our client, are like the keystone to the whole thing. You hold us all together, you give us purpose.