That’s exactly what we are going to find out here at Social INK this month, as our July challenge is to start a podcast. We’re two weeks in and we’re getting really excited. But like everything, especially our challenges, it’s not about the ideas, it’s about the execution. So let’s take a little look at what we’ve done so far. 

Since the beginning of the month, we’ve actually got a fair amount done. Our first ever podcast recording was in fact about starting a podcast. I know what you’re thinking. A podcast about a podcast, that’s so meta! But that’s why we do these challenges. We want to show you the execution side of digital! 

We posted on Twitter the other day about it, and at the time of recording, this was 100% true. The podcast had no name. 

A Podcast Has No Name!

It wasn’t until after our first episode was recorded that we decided the direction and hence the name for it. I’m not going to spoil the surprise, and besides, there are only another 2 weeks till it goes live, so not long till you find out. 

The reason I’m telling you all this though is simple, too many people are trying to perfect something before getting started. You want the perfect URL, the perfect logo, the perfect whatever. It’s paralysis through procrastination. It’s not good! 

All of the things I’ve mentioned above can be changed. They can be updated. Think about it, Uber, Instagram and even Facebook have changed or updated their logo. Why can’t you? 

2 Weeks In, 8 Episodes Recorded

If we waited till everything was perfect, we’d still be talking about names and colour schemes for the logo. Or maybe stock imagery for the website? Or what about the perfect intro? 

Way too many businesses pay far too much attention to the tiniest details, that in all reality, mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Do you think people will listen to our podcast because of the name we chose, or because of the content it includes? 

As Anna Simmonds, our Head of Social Media is always saying, GTD, Get Things Done. 

The 80/20 rule, Pareto’s Law, it dictates that 80% of all results come from 20% of actions. For us, 80% is showing up (the other 20% is the tiny details). If you’re not willing to do it and put it out there, you’ll never see any results.

It’s Not Just Us

Our podcast is going to launch with a mixed bag of content. There’s some team episodes, there are some solo episodes from myself and the team, but there’s also going to be a couple of interviews with businesses we’ve worked too. 

We wanted to make sure it’s not just us telling you about the importance of social media and digital marketing. We wanted you to hear it from the horses mouth (as it were, not calling any of our lovely clients or partners horses). 

That’s why we decided to start a podcast. To give us the chance to share with you insights, tips, tricks, tools and most importantly, experience from over 10 years of creating and optimising campaigns for clients. Yep, that’s right, as a social media marketing agency, we’ve been around since 2008. 

Where To Host? 

Now that we’re well and truly in to our journey, we’ve started looking at hosting. When you decide you want to start a podcast, it’s then time to figure out where to host it. 

We’ve been research all the options. At the end of the month we’ll let you know which one we went with and hopefully share with you the experience of setting up and hosting your podcast with that provider. 

You see, you could host your own content on your own website hosting, but the truth is, you’re going to use a lot of bandwidth if it gets popular. That’s not something that we want to pay for, at least not through our website hosting. 

We’d rather have a dedicated podcast hosting provider, to make sure we don’t have any issues, and yes I’m being optimistic, it will be easy to scale as it becomes more popular. 

The Big Boys! 

To make sure our podcast can be found and listened to easily, the next step is going to be to get our podcast feed authorised on Apple and Google’s podcast platforms. 

This takes time, which means, we need to get on top of it asap. It can take up to 2 weeks to be approved, so in order to meet our end of July deadline to start a podcast, we need to get cracking. We want the launch to go off without a hitch. As part of that, we also want to launch the podcast with around 8-10 pieces of content on it, which we will then add to on a weekly basis. 

Launch Ready, Not Perfect Ready

When you decide to start a podcast in just 31 days, it’s important to make sure that you cover all the important stuff. But there simply isn’t time to perfect everything. We recorded the first podcast before we had a name, for example. 

We needed to decide on topics, guests, ideas and themes on the fly in order to complete this challenge, so that’s what we did. If you’re willing to follow the idea of the 80/20 rule, you can get the majority of everything done. The 20% and perfection come later, when you actually have something to analyse. 

We’ll be launching live at the end of the month. If you want to find out more, simply signup to our newsletter. We’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as it goes live.

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Founder & CEO of Social INK, the blockchain marketing agency. Fractional CMO to blockchain projects. All About Digital Marketing Podcast host. Loves all things blockchain, gaming, tech, NFTs and is impatiently waiting for the metaverse to get here.