Social media content started off pretty simple. It was just text. Then, images became more important. Now, social media video is the name of the game. Whether you want to listen to music, learn a new recipe or catch up on the latest gaming news, chances are your first port of call is YouTube. It’s quickly joined Google to become part of our everyday parlance and the first stop for video footage.

YouTube is far from the only option though, as video has moved from specialised platforms like YouTube to being everywhere across social media. There’s Facebook Live videos, IGTV and even streaming platforms like Twitch, where you can watch someone play video games while you play video games. The key fact remains, videos are a hot topic.

The beauty of the internet is, you don’t even have to invest in equipment to record. A simple camera phone will do. And for the camera shy? There are free stock resources for all your social media video needs. Much like the world of free image sites, it can be a weird and wonderful place. However, there’s plenty of options available and we’re going to share some of our favourite resources with you.

The Benefits of Social Media Video Content

First, let’s break down exactly why you should include video in your marketing plan. We’re going to keep if brief, because we know you want to get your hands on the goodies. So, in just three bullet points, we’re going to convince you that video is the future. Ready?

We told you it was good.

7 Killer Social Media Video Ideas

  1. Unbox your own product on camera, to show customers the full experience.
  2. Short on time for editing and production? Go live and show everyone what you’re up to! (Here are other quick social media content ideas.)
  3. Tackle a different keyphrase on Google by creating a video for it, instead of a blog.
  4. Tease a new release (product or service) by showing how it’s made, before you launch.
  5. Instead of just posting a link to your latest article or blog, share a video with voiceover or overlaid text to summarise the content.
  6. At your next event or speaking opportunity, record your team in action at the booth, on stage, networking, or otherwise taking part. (Bonus points if you do it live!)
  7. Ask clients or customers to send in their own video content: unboxing, reviews, testimonials, etc. (You could set it up as a competition to encourage entries.)

Free Tools Perfect for Social Media Videos

Free Video Stock Sites

Pexels: Free Stock Photos

As you can tell from the tagline, Pexels positions itself as a stock photo resource primarily. However, that doesn’t mean there’s a lack of good quality, useable videos in their archive. Their search function for videos is a little bit hit and miss. For instance, a search for ‘thumbs up’ brought up this video.

But, if you just use the general explore tab, here. You have free rein to browse their newest and most popular free stock videos all in one place.  

Pixabay: Stunning Free Stock Video Footage & Clips

Pixabay is the other big hitter for stock images in our list. So, how do they stack up for videos? Pretty good, honestly.

They have an entire subsection dedicated to videos, with plenty of filters to use to find your perfect match. The only downside is that their collection is a little small, but with the rise of video content that’s only going to rise and offer more choice.

Videezy: Free HD Stock Footage & 4K Videos

Videezy is a beautifully laid out resource of high-quality and very usable videos. We all know the dilemma of having too much choice, right? We call it the Netflix effect. You browse for so long for the perfect thing. Then you run out of time for the actual thing.

Videezy cuts down your wasted browsing time by laying out the videos in a simple format. You can browse perfect web header images and effects templates right from the front page. They also have a search function, for deeper searches. Just be aware, if they don’t have a free stock video to match your needs, they display paid-for content from Shutterstock.

Videvo: Free Stock Video Footage

Let’s start with the positive. Videvo has a massive vault of stock video and audio files. No matter how niche your search, you’re likely to find something that fits. A good portion of their content is free to use. However, both premium and free results are displayed side-by-side, so be wary when browsing that the perfect video you choose isn’t paid-for.

Coverr: Beautiful, Free Videos For Your Homepage

Coverr not only have a great selection of high-quality free stock videos up for grabs, but they’ve gone for wonderful niches in their filter sections. A small scroll down the front page reveals a list of emoji-accompanied categories that make browsing a breeze. Whether it’s as simple as browsing ‘🐕 Animals’ or as nuanced as ‘🌈 Mood’, they’ve got your back. We recommend browsing Mood, it’s a wild ride from whale watching to, well, whatever this is.

Life Of Vids: Free Videos, Clips and Loops

Life of Vids has a really good selection of videos available. Their entire website is like a beautiful HD advert for their services. You know you’re in a good place when a website has an entire category dedicated to Cloud-themed free stock videos.

The website design is slightly confusing, but it’s definitely worth a browse. Particularly if you’re looking for videos about nature or food. Both are well-stocked sections with plenty of unique footage up for grabs.

It doesn’t matter where you find your video footage. What matters is that you use it. Humans like having visual content to look at. For example:

We’re willing to bet that this video of a pangolin made you happy. And doesn’t every business want happy customers?

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