By now, stories of Social INK’s monthly challenges have entered internet folklore. Recounted by many. Marvelled at by all. Travelling minstrels tell tales of heroism and triumph over adversity to the musical accompaniment of tired old mandolins. Who are these digital marketing mavericks, blazing a trail of social media and content marketing best practice? What lessons can we learn from them? Funny you should ask. Because our latest monthly challenge has seen us set up our own suite of social media training courses. And registration is now officially open.

Why Offer Social Media Training Courses?

As an agency, we really enjoy working with startups and SMEs. There’s an energy, vibrancy, boldness and bravery about them that excites us. We are a distributed digital marketing agency, working remotely around the UK (or wherever in the world we can find a strong 4G signal or decent WiFi). We share a diverse set of skills that allow us to be nimble and agile in our work. It means we can innovate and iterate quickly. And that’s why startups and SMEs enjoy working with us, as much as we enjoy working with them.

However, we work with a lot of businesses as their agency. And an agency solution is great. But it’s not for everyone. There is a cost involved that some small businesses are just not able to afford. And, until now, this has really bothered us at Social INK.

We genuinely have the best interests of our clients at heart. If they’re successful, it means that we are successful. The agency-client relationship is more of a partnership for us. We’re in it together. So, when we see lots of small businesses with really great stories to tell, but struggling and floundering on social media, and just not getting a good ROI for their efforts, we want to help. 

CEOs, founders, owners, struggling to find the time or gain the knowledge to leverage their insights. Apprentices, interns, even office administrators being tasked with social media for their company and struggling to achieve results.  

It’s a common scenario. But, as is usually the case, these small businesses are not in a position to afford a full agency solution.

So what can we offer them?

Post Like Share Courses for Every Business

As from September 2019, we are offering small businesses, startups, and SMEs social media training coaching on our brand new platform — Post Like Share.

During August, we developed and created Post Like Share as a way to support businesses at this particular stage in their journey. Giving them access to agency staff without paying agency fees. 

We want all businesses to enjoy success on social media. And we want to support them no matter what — irrespective of size, sector, or experience.

Often, the biggest barrier is cost. It’s also the biggest barrier to starting a training course. Everyone wants value for money. But it greatly depends on what you value, or how much value you see in doing something.

This is where Social INK and Post Like Share differ from other agencies and training platforms out there.

Most social media companies want to get you to spend money, over and above the cost of the monthly retainer. They want you to spend money on encouraging engagement through posts and adverts. This, of course, has its place within a social media marketing strategy. But there’s an awful lot you can do before you spend an extra penny.

With social media and content marketing, you need to encourage real conversations and engagement through your content first, before pushing the ‘Boost’ button. And this is how we operate at Social INK, and what we will teach businesses to do with Post Like Share.

Social Media Coaching to Suit You

Our first social media training course is the Post Like Share Accelerator — an 8-week social media marketing programme tailored for individuals, small businesses, and SMEs. 

If you don’t have the time or know-how to run effective and efficient social media marketing campaigns for your businesses, then the PLS Accelerator is for you.

As an online course, participants will learn through a combination of online training materials, weekly coaching calls, and set tasks at a time and pace that suits their individual needs. The course content encourages participants to continuously develop their approaches to social media to generate engagement, interest and most importantly, results. 

Let’s cast aside the vanity metrics and learn ways to activate and maintain an engaged audience.

Register for the PLS Accelerator

On the PLS Accelerator Programme, we share tried and tested agency methodologies and tools to help participants build their social media presence, and create and manage systems for continuously publishing amazing content that their audience will respond to. 

Find out more and register for this social media training course today

See the difference a helping hand makes.

Gareth Alvarez
Gareth Alvarez

Gareth, Social INK’s Head of Content (sometimes playfully referred to as ‘spellcheck’), just adores words. He’s written copy for ads, websites, and blogged extensively. Content marketing is his bag. He loves getting creative with his writing.