Does social media ever make you want to tear your hair out? Amongst everything else you do in your business, it’s easy to let social media fall through the cracks and become a nagging item on your to-do list that fills you with dread. But social media marketing doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, used correctly, it’ll make your life and your business less overwhelming. Social media is a key part of your content marketing funnel and it’s a powerful place for you to show up and serve your audience. Here are some tips, tricks, and tools to beat social media overwhelm that are robust enough even for us professionals. 

Tip 1: Schedule Your Social Media

If you’re scrambling to post on a daily basis, then it’s no wonder social media feels overwhelming. Truth is, a bad plan is better than no plan. Why? Because rushing your content all the time won’t build sustainable growth.

First, before you dig into a basic plan, take 20 minutes to do a basic social media audit and make sure all the details are in place. Then, take a look at the week and month ahead. Build up your social media calendar as far ahead as possible. Having prompts and ideas in place for just the next week will give you breathing space to look at the weeks after that. Start with the immediate bits and move onto the bigger picture from there. 

No idea where to start? We have a 12-month free social media calendar template with daily prompts and hashtags to get you started. 

And after you have an idea of your social media schedule, it’s time to block out time to work on social, too. Don’t let it become a scramble. Working on your marketing shouldn’t come as a surprise or an afterthought. Scheduling even just a block of 20 minutes will be much more productive than hurrying in 5-minute stints throughout the day.

Tip 2: Put Your Tech to Use

The best part about digital marketing is that it’s digital! That opens up a huge pool of resources to make it easier. And social media marketing has a lot of options when it comes to tools.

We’ve talked about free social media tools and a few worth paying for. Use tools to actually schedule your content, monitor mentions, and track data. It’ll save you literally hours of time.

And the tech possibilities don’t stop there. You can go even further. Why not set up a chatbot to auto-respond to your Facebook messages? 

And if you’re spending a lot of time on social media graphics or video editing, set up templates. Edit your graphics and clips in batches to save time.

It might sound counterproductive, but sometimes the best way to use your tech is to turn it off. If you’re interrupting your work every time you get a notification, you’re destroying your concentration and getting less done. Turn on Do Not Disturb every once in a while and get off your phone.

Tip 3: Remember to be Social

Social media marketing can be particularly overwhelming if you’re always just looking at the impersonal stuff. Not many of us would stay in business for long if it just meant looking at numbers, analytics, spreadsheets, and never talking to anyone.

Remember to stay social on social media. Building your network in person and online will make everything you do so much easier. Why? Because you’ll be part of a conversation. You’ll be writing to people, not at people. Engaging in conversation is important, and it’s essential to making your social media presence effective. 

Often, social media overwhelm is actually just frustration. Cut back to the basics: comment on what people are doing, thank your new followers, share content from others, shout-out to people you’ve met in person, and be social. The conversations you have and the notifications you get will make the whole process feel a lot more satisfying. 

And suddenly, you’ll start seeing what kind of engagement works and what doesn’t. From there, your strategy can get more sophisticated. 

Bonus Tip to Beat Social Media Overwhelm: Outsource It

At the end of the day, social media isn’t a billboard. It’s a living, breathing, active part of your marketing.

Social media marketing is an asset to your business, and like any good asset, it’ll give back in proportion to what you invest in it. Your business will reach a point where you have to ask whether it’s more worthwhile to get in a professional, rather than DIY. How much more “real” work could you do if you weren’t spending so much time on social media?

Want a team to plan a strategy, create the content, post it for you, and help your customers? We can do that.

Just need some professional advice to build a social media strategy, so that you can concentrate on doing the most effective work? We can do that too.

We even offer a free social media audit, so you can get actionable advice without spending anything but some time.

Remember: social media doesn’t have to be overwhelming. If it is, you need to take a closer look at your approach.

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Anna Simmonds
Anna Simmonds

Anna, Head of Social, knows her beans when it comes to social media. She keeps her finger on the social pulse, funnelling her knowledge and experience into creating engaging social media campaigns. She’s also pretty decent with a camera and Photoshop.