Business can often feel like busy-ness. And sometimes busy-ness is more about keeping occupied as opposed to being productive. Which is one of the biggest social media mistakes you can make.

To clarify, there are things that keep you busy with a purpose, and then there are things that just keep you busy and waste time. And there’s nothing worse than feeling that something’s a waste of time or taking up too much time. Because our time is our most valuable commodity. It’s a finite resource and we’d do well to use it wisely.

Consequently, we tend to find (or make) time to do the things we value the most, or the things we believe bring the most value to our business.

But what if you were wrong?

What if the things you believed to add value to your business were actually just keeping you busy, under the illusion of being productive?

Likewise, what if the things you thought were a waste of time were, in fact, the opposite?

Social media marketing has this polarising effect on people.

The Land Where Time Never Stands Still

Social media is a funny old place. For most, it’s a place to while away the time, scrolling through feeds, posting, liking, sharing. As timelines refresh and new content continuously appears, you can easily find yourself having spent half an hour on social media doing nothing.

However, if you’re a business with a social media presence the reverse is true. You find you’re spending ages working on your social media presence for your posts to feature only briefly, and then drop off everyone’s timelines never to be seen again.

Frustrating, huh?

As a result, businesses tend to do one (or end up doing both) of the following social media mistakes:

  1. Give up altogether, or
  2. Stop spending time and effort on their social media marketing.

Effectively, for these businesses, social media has now become a waste of time.

But it shouldn’t be.

Social Media Marketing is Time Well Spent

First of all, the main priorities for any business are its core operations. The day-to-day. Without these, there is no business.

However, part of that thinking should be a drive to generate more business. Just in case current clients or customers become ex-customers and ex-clients. You see, without a pipeline of new business you stand to lose it all once the current business dries up.

The answer to this problem: Marketing.

Generating brand awareness is critical to business survival. If people don’t know you exist and what you have to offer, they’re not likely to come to you, let alone give you any money.

Word-of-mouth is great for local businesses. Print ads, billboards, and TV commercials are the preserve of those with much bigger budgets.

Yet, there’s a new kid on the block that levels the playing field for everyone. But businesses are reluctant to accept that social media marketing is time well spent. Probably because the individuals running those businesses find themselves wasting time on their own social media. Or because they simply can’t find the time to properly dedicate to making social media marketing work for their business.

Sound familiar?

A Timely Solution

What if you could turn this on its head completely?

What if, instead of social media marketing seeming like a waste of time, it became a productive use of time?

Imagine being able to use social media to drive traffic to your website, develop new leads, increase sales, and get people talking about and recognising your brand. Wouldn’t that feel like a worthwhile endeavour?

This is what we, as a digital marketing agency at Social INK, do for our clients, day in, day out.

Of course, we save them time by running their social media marketing for them, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Ok, so we already give a lot away, for free, on our blog. However, if you’re looking for extra support and guidance similar to what we provide our clients, but at a fraction of the cost, then check out our digital marketing coaching programmes. 

If you want to learn how to make the best use of your time on social media, and how to make it start working for your business, then digital marketing coaching is the answer.

Learn from our experienced team. Gain actionable advice and tips on how to be proactive on social media in order to avoid mistakes and reap the rewards your business deserves.

Make some time to save yourself. Book a free coaching call today.

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Chris, founder and CEO of Social INK, has devised and consulted on more digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns than you can shake a stick at. He’s also got a bit of a thing for online advertising and social media advertising.