When you’re in startup mode, life and work can be a bit chaotic. Too many unknowns and too many variables mean that, more often than not, you end up being reactive instead of proactive. There just isn’t the time to manage and respond to the daily requirements of the business and strategise during those the early days. Let alone think about choosing your channels. You know, the ones best suited to your business.

That’s why it’s important to formulate careful plans beforehand and engage people with expertise in those important but time-consuming peripheral areas of your business (strategy planning, marketing, social media) to support you before you launch your startup.

This is where having the Social INK team in your corner can not only prove vital to your success, but also allow you the time to focus on the everyday demands of your business or startup.

Previously we’ve written about the importance of Choosing The Right Social Media Channel and explored the Pros and Cons of each of the main Social Media Channels. But because time is short, we’ve collated the key takeaways into one handy list below:

1) Where to Begin Choosing Your Channels?

Time is not your friend. Keep things simple. Don’t try to build a presence over every available network. Give yourself time to engage with the community you’re building. Think about the type of content you’re releasing. When choosing your channels, pick the platform that best suits your needs.

2) Serve Your Community

Once you’ve decided which social channels best serve your business’ interests, consider your target demographic. What are their prefered channels? What are the nuances of each platform? What are your goals? How do they all tie together?

Social media is about community creation. It’ll need care and attention to thrive.

3) Get Down to Business

On a personal level, LinkedIn is a great way to build a network of people who share similar interests or work in the same sector. These connections may become collaborators or customers in the future.

On a business level, it gives your startup legitimacy, allowing members of your team or employees to add you to their online CV.

4) Your Social Media Shop Window

Facebook for business is a must-have tool. Creating a business page for your startup on the biggest social media platform is essential. Not only will you be able to reach a huge audience, but you will be able to target very specific demographics with your advertising campaigns and even sell directly from your Facebook page.

More importantly, you can engage directly with your community via posts, comments and direct messages.

5) Conversations with the Community

As a microblogging platform, Twitter allows you to create a community following made up of people interested in your startup or the sector it inhabits. Being clever with your use of hashtags, and engaging in conversations with people using hashtags relevant to your startup, is a great way to show the human side of your business and develop a loyal following.

6) A Picture Tells 1000 Words

Humans are highly visual animals. We like pictures and videos. If your startup has a lot to show, then set up an Instagram account. Share product images and videos and give your business a more visual look. Clever use of typography over images is also very well received. And once again, make sure you leverage the power of the hashtag.

7) Idea Generation

In need of inspiration? Pinterest has you covered. Use this image-collecting site to explore design concepts and generate ideas for your own branding, marketing, website design, or office decor. Strictly speaking, unless you have lots of products to showcase, Pinterest is best used for research purposes only.

It’s a Tough Job, but Someone’s Got to Do It!

Remember, social media is a great tool for engaging your target audience and showcasing your startup or business in all its glory. But managing all your channels (posting and responding to messages and comments) is time-consuming.

You may wish to consider finding someone to manage your social media presence for you. That way, you can concentrate on making your startup a business success.

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