social media MARKETING

"Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage."

Amy Jo Martin

Social media is a key part to marketing online. It's not just a case of posting, tweeting and publishing content. It's about engagement. 

Building an audience, building trust with that audience and ultimately generating more clients and more revenue should be at the heart of everything you do on these platforms. 

Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or one of the other platforms, your key to success is to have compelling content on these channels that helps your business raise awareness of your brand and products or services.

When companies get stuck online, they come to us for help. We can build a strategy, a plan and the content you need to be able to build your social media accounts. 

We will work with you and your team to help create awesome ideas that show case your story and that helps you to continue to grow online. 

Once we have that plan, we will run your platforms and help you create advertising on these platforms to help you continue to grow your following and generate leads from social media. 

Regardless of what stage you are at, whether you haven't started yet, if you started too many accounts and can't keep up, or if you are simply trying to change your story telling to generate more engagement, then this is the place to start. 

One of our consultants will be happy to talk to you, find out where you are at the moment and ultimately show you the path we can offer to more success on social media. 

Simply contact us today to get the process started. 

What do you need help with? 

  • Facebook Pages & Advertising

  • Twitter - Tweeting, Hashtags & Advertising

  • LinkedIn - Building A Professional Profile

  • YouTube - Unleashing The Power Of Video

  • SnapChat - Time To Start Snapping

What our CUSTOMERS think of us? 

"The team at Social INK have been great at understanding our brand and creating stories that reflect who we are and what we are trying to portray. Their management of our social platforms has been a great service that has allowed us to focus purely on our business, whilst they generate interest and leads for us."

Julian - Polka Dot