Getting results on social media isn’t easy. But it doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Social media content – your copy, hashtags, videos, images, GIFs, and more – is what determines your success. With so many different elements and practically infinite possibilities, it doesn’t take much to overcomplicate things. So you’ll be relieved to know that the best way to get results, is by keeping it simple. At least at first. Build your content, test new ideas, and stay focused on hitting publish consistently, and you’ll be able to pivot and grow from there. These 5 social media content ideas will help you, again and again.

If you’ve been telling yourself you’re not very creative, or worse still, that you don’t have the time, this post is here to call you out.

These are ideas you can achieve right now. In fact, we challenge you to do at least one of them TODAY. Or at least this week. Tag us on social media or send us a private message, to let us know when you do!

Here are 5 simple types of social media posts you can create. No excuses. All of these can be created easily and quickly. It’s a great way to jump-start your social media, right now.

Social Media Content Idea #1: Go Behind the Scenes

The most simple type of post. Who are you? Who is company x? This isn’t about what you do, and it’s not about your products. This is about who YOU are. Who is the person (or people) behind it all?

If you all love bowling, and you go every Thursday, it’s time to finally post that picture of the team out bowling. If you’re like the Social INK team, it’s a photo eating a nice dinner with a beer or a glass of wine in hand.

People want to see the human side, and it’s probably the easiest type of post to create. It doesn’t require a studio, or a professional film crew to create. Keep it simple, and keep it real. Post who you guys are and what you’re all up to.


  • Share your training progress ahead of a marathon or other athletic event. (Show your grit and planning prowess!)
  • Give a glimpse of your family life – share what matters most to you outside of work. (Be #relatable.)
  • Take the camera out on your next team social. Share a friendly competition – like bowling or darts. (Show the faces behind the work!)

Content Idea #2: Use Someone Else’s Words

It’s time to contact that amazing, No. 1, favourite client of yours of all time. Why? Simple, you’re going to ask them for a few kind words to say what they think about you and your service/product.

A social proof post is a simple concept. A nice picture with a quote, attributed to your client. This shows the world what you’re really about, not in your own words, but in the words of someone who has bought your services/products.

If you sell products, check your reviews, and make someone’s day by using their kind words, and showcase how amazing you truly are at the same time.


  • Simply take a screenshot of a comment or review, and add some context. Remember to tag and thank your fan!
  • Record a video of yourself with a client, asking them about the experience of working with you. Great for social media – and you can repurpose it for a case study, too.

Idea #3: Be Honest About the Work

It’s time to show the world what organised chaos really looks like. This social media content idea is another simple way to showcase that there’s a human behind the brand.

Whether you’re a chef and you’re about to start the cleanup process, or if you build PCs and you have empty packages all over your workbench, it doesn’t matter.

By posting these sorts of images you show what you’re really about.

Don’t be afraid to not come across as “perfect”. Everyone deep down knows those “perfect” images are bullshit anyway.


  • Skip the Instagram ‘flat lay’ and just show the messy parts of your process: ingredients, tools, materials, etc.
  • Widen the frame and show what goes on around the catered image or show: what did the first draft look like? How many people are at the photoshoot?
  • Show the chaos before it’s done: the mess before the cleanup, the raw product, the sketches, the late nights, the ‘difficult’ moments.

Idea #4: Where’s Wally?

Out at an event? Meeting a supplier? With a client? What could be better than showing yourself at your peak of activity? Are you grabbing a coffee right now whilst reading this? No dramas, #BrainFood and #CaffeineBreak will solve that.

It’s another way to showcase you and your business and the fact that it’s real. Share a pic whilst you wait in line at Costa, or whilst you take your first bite of a cinnamon roll at Starbucks.

As a remote team, we find this especially important. But if you have a brick and mortar location, it’s even MORE essential. Give people a feel for yourself and your office or shop!


  • Take a behind-the-scenes tour of the office and introduce everyone on the team as you go.
  • Get ‘productive’ on holiday and share some professional insight on camera as you’re waiting for a coach, train, or plane.
  • Show off your suppliers, commute, meetings, back room, and the other parts that people don’t always think about. Remind them how much effort and care goes into your product or service.

Idea #5: Take Social to Work Day

Short on time? Not sure what to create? Don’t really know what you could share on social media? Here’s an idea. No matter if you’re in the office or in the shop/bakery/workshop (no excuses wherever you are).

Go on Facebook Pages. Head to your page. Go to post an update and choose LIVE! It’s time to let the camera roll and tell the world a little about you, the business and what you guys are up to.

It’s like take your dog to work day. But with social media. Just do your normal stuff, but take a 5 minute break to say hello and talk to your audience about it.

If you have a team, even better. Get everyone prepared, let them know what you’re doing, and then simply go for a walk around your office. Work from home? No dramas. Head out somewhere nice or choose a simple background with a clear wall or a bookshelf in the background.


  • Talk about the project you’re working on and the type of work involved.
  • Share the latest line of products you’re launching and why.
  • Just talk about how excited you are for the weekend! Get that #FridayFeeling vibe going – and maybe viewers vote on who has the best weekend plans.


In conclusion: keep it simple. Social media marketing CAN be complicated. But by sharing simple content consistently, you’ll get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Therefore, when you do spend days producing a video or new campaign, you’ll already know it’s going to resonate with your audience. People love to see that there is a human being on the other side of your social media platform.

The hardest part is to keep it simple, and consistent. Big, crazy, creative ideas have their place, too. But you can’t skip out on the day-to-day work of showing up.

Want to share these points and talk about it with your team? Download the 5 things you can post on social media slides here.

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Anna Simmonds
Anna Simmonds

Anna, Head of Social, knows her beans when it comes to social media. She keeps her finger on the social pulse, funnelling her knowledge and experience into creating engaging social media campaigns. She’s also pretty decent with a camera and Photoshop.