The Social INK team gives businesses a helping hand with their social media marketing and content marketing.

What Makes an INKredible Team?
We’re a distributed team. The internet is our ‘office’ and we like it that way. It makes us nimble, agile, and responsive. No matter where we’re physically located. If you have a problem. If no one else can help. You will find, the Social INK team.
Meet the People Behind the Profiles

This is the Social INK team. The guys and girls behind your digital marketing. We’re a diverse group of individuals with experience and expertise in sales, marketing, advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, web design, and graphic design.

It’s ok to enjoy the work you do. It’s why we do it.

Chris Bruno

CEO & Founder
Social INK - James O'Donnell

James O’Donnell

Commercial Director

Gareth Alvarez

Head of Content

Anna Simmonds

Head of Social

Sagar Upadhyay

Head of Development
Words from the Social INK Team

What’s the point in having all that experience and knowledge if you’re not prepared to share it? See what our team have to say.

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