It’s with great pleasure that we announce today that Social INK is an official Mailchimp Partner. After many years building email newsletter lists and campaigns for clients using Mailchimp, we’re really proud to have been recognised for our work and accepted into the Mailchimp Partner Programme as a Marketing Expert

On its site, Mailchimp lists a pre-approved select group of individuals and agencies who offer specific email and digital marketing services. The Partners page on their website gives brands a chance to find the right match for them when looking to build out their email marketing strategy. 

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Email Marketing Gets Results

When it comes to building a digital strategy, some brands and businesses can often get caught up in audience building and vanity metrics, like the number of public followers on Facebook or Instagram, for example. These are great, but to a certain extent, you’re renting these audiences. 

Unlike most online platforms, an email marketing list is something that’s yours. It belongs to you. Significantly, it will be a constant, no matter what happens in the social media landscape over the next 5 to 10 years. The chances of email disappearing are very slim. In fact, it still remains one of the best performing marketing channels available in terms of Return On Investment (ROI). 

An email marketing list is a great complement to all your other efforts when it comes to your digital marketing. For example, are you writing blogs for your website? You could be sending those blogs to your mail list to keep them up to date with all your latest news. 

If you’re selling products online, both physical or digital, do you give purchasers a chance to sign up to an email list to receive information on future product releases, special offers, or news about new locations? If not, why not? 

How to Use Email Marketing

When approached correctly, your mail list can become a key asset for your business and one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing strategy. When clients buy from you online, they have made a commitment to your brand. They believe in what you have to sell. Too many businesses forget about this, and by doing so, they’re neglecting the people most likely to buy from them again. People that have already bought are more likely to buy again. It’s repeat business and you could be missing out. 

If you haven’t started building a newsletter mail list yet, it’s never too late to get started with email marketing in 2019. But remember, there are GDPR rules to consider and follow before you simply add anyone you’ve ever corresponded with to your email list. Set up proper integrations, on your website, and make it clear what people are signing up for. 

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