On Tuesday 4th December 2018, Chris Bruno, Social INK CEO, and James Tabor, CEO of MEDIA Protocol and founding member of the Digital Future Council, took part in a live AMA on the Social INK Facebook page.

The topic up for discussion was “The Future of Content”, with both Chris and James exchanging their observations on the trends they’ve both witnessed in the digital marketing space. Both CEOs had plenty to share, based on their experiences and their work within digital media and content creation, offering valuable insight as to how established businesses and startups (whether B2B or B2C) can best develop a successful digital marketing strategy.

Conducting AMA sessions can really strengthen a company’s digital presence. Read more in our blog post:

James and Chris shared an entertaining and informative chat full of takeaways. If you weren’t able to watch it live, you can find the highlights below. Or you can visit our Facebook page and watch it in full.

A Bit About James and MEDIA Protocol

James Tabor is the CEO of MEDIA Protocol, a blockchain company that has devised a way for content creators to bypass third-party platforms (like Google and Facebook) in order to access more accurate and meaningful engagement data. MEDIA Protocol uses smart URLs to directly connect publishers with consumers, rewarding consumers for their engagement and allowing publishers to create more specific and targeted content based on the data they receive in return.

As a digital marketing agency, at Social INK we believe in providing the best content, tailored and targeted to the right consumers, so having James join us for an AMA about the future of content was a bit of a no-brainer.

The Best Bits

The AMA was packed with interesting information, and we’d love for you to watch it in full. However, we understand that everyone’s busy, so we’ve selected some of the highlights here:

  • Chris talks about the difficulty of maintaining branding, tone of voice, and quality content over a long period of time (4:52)

  • Chris defends the importance of engaging with your online community (12:35)

  • James and Chris discuss how content marketing has changed over time and how it relates to online advertising (22:58)

  • Chris compares the similarities between content marketing and storefront window dressing (29:15)

  • The discussion moves to the importance of having a plan and the reality of the workload behind content marketing (41:18)

  • Chris describes how the correct use of metrics is an invaluable asset in social media advertising (50:07)

  • James explains why you should only advertise good content (56:16)

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