The next Social INK ‘Ask Us Anything’ event is coming soon, and we’re ready for your questions!

How does social media marketing work?

What does ‘content’ actually mean?

Is Twitter worth it?

How do I target [insert vague demographic here]?

Should I use an Instagram bot? My influencer niece said it’s legit.

Ask us these questions, and more, during our LIVE Q&A!

We work with brands to grow their business online. That’s why we specialise in social media marketing and content marketing for businesses who want to be bold, build online communities, and make their mark.

Running your business online is a creative process, and it’s a technical process. It’s strategic yet sometimes spontaneous, and digital marketing is often a bit mystical for business owners. So we’re opening up for questions later this month, May 29th at 11am. This is your chance to get your problems solved and get to know us.

How to Send in Your Questions

Live Q&A Event with Social INK's CEO, Head of Content, and Head of Social on May 29 on Facebook

Join in live, and ping your questions in the comments. Simples!

Jump over to Facebook to mark yourself interested or attending to get reminders about the event.

Not going to make it live? Just pop in your questions on the Facebook event page and we’ll answer them so you can watch the replay.

If you get inspired at 2am and need to get the question down fast, or just want to ask a question in private or anonymously, you can always ping us privately on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Ask us about social media, content marketing, all things digital and our lives behind the scenes. Anything goes!

Afterwards, you can rewatch, and relive, all the action on the Social INK Facebook page after the event.

Sign Up for the Social INK Live Event

See you all on the Social INK Facebook page, Wednesday 29th May, 11am UK Time. Find out what Chris, Gareth, and Anna have to say about the state of digital, how to actually grow a business online, and what they had for lunch.

And remember, you can have your say too. Lunch pics included. #foodgoals

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