• Co-Founded by Duncan McCrum, Fifty offers a unique approach to programmatic advertising for blockchain projects, based on real social data. 
  • Social INK continues to grow its partnership network to best serve blockchain projects of all sizes & stages of development

United Kingdom, 4 November 2021 – We’re delighted to announce a partnership between Social INK and Fifty – the platform that brings together deep social data to launch effective online advertising campaigns for blockchain projects. This partnership continues our mission for cross-collaboration between expert service providers, whilst growing our partnership network to now include advertising based on insightful and impactful data. 

With cookies for advertising becoming obsolete fast, it’s important for projects to be looking at how they can secure their media buys in the future. The Fifty Platform combines human-powered insights with contextual targeting to grow, transform and future-proof media buying strategies. Programmatic advertising, with insights from Fifty, offers projects an alternative to industry restrictive PPC campaigns, whilst finding their audience on media and social platforms.

Clients such as Microsoft, Blockchain, Aldrin, Osom, and Bumper use Fifty to understand their audiences better and target them more effectively. Social INK’s clients will be able to benefit from the same elite-grade, bespoke, audience insights.

Fifty leverages social data to bridge the gap between strategy and media buying. The data cuts through the guesswork of which media placements, or which influencers, will reach the audience your project needs. Until now this has been based on guesstimates and trust with influencers. Now, Social INK’s clients will be able to work directly with our partner to unlock the true potential of real targeted programmatic advertising.

Chris Bruno, Founder & CEO at Social INK, commented, “The insights and reporting available from Fifty is eye-opening for all blockchain projects and marketers. For the first time ever, we’re able to identify exactly who our clients’ tribes are on social media. We understand what they like, who they’re connected with, how they’re influenced and so much more. No more guesswork involved. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Duncan and the team at Fifty.”

Duncan McCrum, Co-Founder of Fifty, said, “We’re delighted to be partnering with Social INK and see this as a complementary synergy between our two businesses. We’ve seen a significant rise in interest and demand around Crypto and Blockchain campaigns in recent months and Social INK are extremely well-positioned to advise clients in this space on how to put their best foot forward when it comes to their marketing strategy. Likewise, Fifty provides the perfect pathway for clients to uncover new audience insights to inform their strategy, and then execute on those insights.


About Social INK

Social INK is a blockchain marketing agency. Operating since 2008, they specialise in projects built on or supporting the blockchain. Previous clients include Coinsilium, GSX Group, TLDR Capital, AllianceBlock, and more. Social INK’s partnership network includes industry-leading PR and SEO firms, with more to be announced throughout Q4 2021. 

About Fifty

Fifty Technology Ltd is a technology company specialising in audience insights and digital media activation. Fifty uses AI, technology and data to help brands understand their customers and power digital advertising to best engage them. At its core sits the Fifty platform, which makes sense of complex audience datasets via impactful and insightful customer segmentation with applications across all marketing functions.