If you’re just looking for permission when you ask, should my website have a blog? Then let me say yes. But most people who ask this are asking because they need a little bit of convincing. You want to know it’s worth it. Blogging takes up a lot of time, and if you’re not the writing sort, you’ll have to either slog through writing it yourself or pay someone else to do it for you.

But your content marketing strategy should include blogging.

Marketing and digital marketing have increasingly become the same thing. If anything, they’ve reversed. You can have a successful business using nothing but digital marketing channels. It’s more difficult to say the same for a strategy that ONLY uses offline tools and methods.

At this point, can you even imagine running your business without the web? Without a website. With no social media. No Adwords. No email. Not even Google.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia for the ‘simpler’ days. But let’s face it. There’s never been a bigger opportunity for businesses to succeed, than now.

A blog is like a brick and mortar shop: it’s your internet real estate. This is where YOU make the rules. You don’t have to wait for a feature to be launched by LinkedIn. You don’t have to worry about Facebook algorithm changes. There’s no interruption to service if Instagram decides to shut down. (Note: Instagram is not shutting down. But what about Myspace, Digg, and Vine? Social media evolves.)

There’s nothing wrong with starting lean, keeping it simple, and testing if an idea works. But if you’re seriously in business, and serious about digital marketing, you need a blog.

Blogging Statistics to Get You In the Mood

Blogging looks pretty different to 20 years ago, but at its core, it’s the same. And with every core update to Google, good content is even more important. Blogging is essential for ranking in search engines, it shows off your expertise to build trust, and it’s the closest you can get to cloning yourself. You can tout your message, brand values, and more, 24/7.

Plus, the stats don’t lie. Here are just a few:

Most people that ask ‘should my website have a blog?’ probably already know the answer.

The answer is yes. Really. Seriously, it’s worth it. No, marketers aren’t trying to squeeze a passing fad into your budget. In fact, they’re trying to help you grow your business.

No idea what to blog about? Ping us a message. I guarantee there’s a blogging strategy that’ll work for you.

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Anna Simmonds
Anna Simmonds

Anna, Head of Social, knows her beans when it comes to social media. She keeps her finger on the social pulse, funnelling her knowledge and experience into creating engaging social media campaigns. She’s also pretty decent with a camera and Photoshop.