As a personal brand should I start a Podcast?

For months maybe years I have been asking my self the question. “Should I start a podcast?” I really like the idea of recording some fantastic interviews with some of the interesting people that I get to work with and sharing that with the world. There is a sense of wanting to take action on something only if I can keep it up and probably some fear associated with taking the plunge. I have seen the work that Chris has put into the All About Digital Marketing podcast (its a lot!).

So should individuals setup a podcast? There are lots of arguments for why you should. Podcasts are a channel that most people do not use. As much as you might think there are a lot of podcasts out there. Most people you meet don’t have one. So it is a big differentiator and it could open some doors to conversations that otherwise I would not have.

Having a regular professional output link this, with a long form pieces of content will allow me to repurpose for other channels through blogs, shorts, tweets etc. So although it might feel like a lot of up front work one interview should provide at the bare minimum a weeks worth of content.

Meeting new people. As you know Social INK are on a mission to put the social back into social media. Having a podcast will allow me to have direct conversation with new people. I will be able to be more social with them on their social media feeds rather than just followers one way or another. A real human connection. Thats what we all want right?

What is the PodCast going to be about?

So taking action on something out of my comfort zone and maintaining it for at least 100 episodes is a big deal. I feel like I have convinced myself that I should do it. The next question is then what am I going to talk about – if its interview focused who am I going to talk to? In our latest episode of The Social INK Show, Chris asserted that:

Until you start doing it, you don’t know what it is, until you start actually recording the content, having conversations with people, and editing the podcast, all of those elements. You have no idea what it is to actually start a podcast. This was something that we struggled with ourselves. And that’s why we started the All About Digital Marketing podcast.

Chris Bruno – The Social INK Show – Episode 2

I think that’s been my biggest hurdle. Starting it. I don’t need to perfect the technology, the guests, the style I just need to start and experiment with it. This is after all exactly what we do for our clients. No one knows exactly what’s going to work form a content perspective so we experiment. Only after sharing content with the target market of the product or shrive can we see what works.

So “The James O’Donnell Show” or “The JOD Pod” – or whatever I end up calling it is going to happen. There will be interviews (I think) and guests. What will I be discussing? Unsure. I have interests around helping people step out of their comfort zones so I imagine that’s where I will start and then – who knows!

If you are a small business or soloprenuer and you would like the support of Social INK to kickstart your social media marketing efforts be that a YouTube Channel, PodCast or simple content to engage your community. Book a Zoom with us by following this link:

Be warned we like to encourage people to take action and step outside their comfort zones.

James O'Donnell
James O'Donnell

James, Commercial Director here at Social INK, is a strategic thinker. He has an uncanny ability for seeing the big picture, then breaking it down and systematising the processes needed to achieve it.