What has approximately 20k followers, a verified tick, and promotes brands and causes via user-generated content on social media? That’d be One Minute Briefs, of course. But that’s just the tip of the social media marketing iceberg. In fact, if you delve a bit deeper below the surface, there’s a lot to be gained by brands running their own One Minute Briefs challenge, and by individuals participating in the creative exercise.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits offered by One Minute Briefs.

One Minute Briefs Benefits Agency Teams

Firstly, since running our own OMB as a social media marketing experiment back in March 2019, we decided (as an agency) to participate daily in the creative challenge. Having witnessed firsthand the quality of entries and shared in the community spirit of One Minute Briefs we were more than sold on the value of OMB as a creative outlet. One that would provide regular practice and force us to schedule time to think creatively.

As an agency, we’ve all benefitted from spending time working on creative briefs every day. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it certainly makes you better. Within 8 weeks we’d already racked up a significant amount of OMB wins, with different members of the team contributing winning ideas.

Since then we’ve also notched a few big wins and shortlists. Most notably winning the #ILoveYouBaconBurger advertising brief with KFC. As a result, Social INK is firmly in the running for the OMB Agency of the Year award.

Another avenue agencies can pursue with OMB is staging a takeover. We did. Back in April 2019, taking hold of the OMB reigns for three days, setting our own briefs (#Yachts, #MuscleCars, #Japan), and running the show. It was a great opportunity to continue to build engagement with the One Minute Briefs community, getting to know the OMBles a bit better, and of course, increase our visibility as a brand and agency.

The benefit of One Minute Briefs for agencies is clear. But you don’t only have to take our word for it. Just join in to see the creative benefits yourself!

Individuals Improve with OMB

Of course, agency teams don’t make up the bulk of contributors to One Minute Briefs. OMB can be defined as a collective of individuals who share a passion and enthusiasm for advertising and creativity. Better still, it is a community of enthusiasts who support and help develop each other. Commenting, sharing, praising, collaborating, and constructively critiquing each other’s work. There are no egos. It’s a platform to help people develop and improve.

This is why the OMBles are so diverse. You will equally find students, seasoned advertising veterans, account managers, copywriters, designers, and anyone else in-between, taking part.


One Minute Briefs, as a creative challenge, helps everyone improve their conceptual thinking, mental agility, and idea generation. All without fear. Safe in the knowledge that feedback will be positive and supportive.

It’s easy to see its universal appeal. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a creative community that is the complete antithesis of a historically cutthroat industry?

As far as individuals go, the benefits of OMB are clear. However, what is it that attracts brands to One Minute Briefs?

What benefits can businesses and charitable causes alike derive from running their own brief on Twitter?

How Brands Benefit From One Minute Briefs

Back in January 2018, I wrote about why businesses need a One Minute Briefs strategy, outlining the top 6 benefits for brands. And although much has changed since then, the key benefits for brands remain the same.

As an active, creative community, it’s the immediacy, reach, and huge global talent pool that are of most interest to a brand looking to benefit from a One Minute Brief. To clarify, the immediacy of real-time, live responses to a brief by a global talent pool of creatives (including numerous award-winning individuals) has an exponential effect on a brand’s reach and engagement on Twitter. With each like, retweet and comment on every entry, your brand and campaign will feature on more and more timelines.

If you’d like some figures to back this up, read our OMB Twitter Campaign case study.

We were so impressed with the impact of running our own OMB that we now recommend and can run it as a social media marketing service to our clients. That’s exactly what we did for Eden Blue Sparkling Wine. In fact, when we did our social media takeover of Eden’s various social channels, we used One Minute Briefs as the platform to relaunch the brand.

Again, the results were significant. Reaffirming the value of OMB as a social media marketing tool.

As such, we are happy to work with brands to manage and run their own briefs with OMB. It’s not as simple as setting a brief and letting it run. To really benefit from running a One Minute Brief, brands need a team to engage and interact with contributors throughout the day across social media.

Community Is Key

It’s the immediate and ongoing individual engagement with entrants that truly yields results and drives traffic. It’s what we did for the Social INK brief and it’s how we ran the Eden brief. As a result, we firmly believe that to fully benefit from social media marketing with OMB you need to dedicate time and effort to reap the rewards.

In short, in our experience, there is a huge value-add for anyone running their own brief with One Minute Briefs. However, it’s best to have a dedicated team or digital marketing agency to devise a strategy for and manage engagement on the day.

Interested in running your own OMB? Get in touch. We’ll help devise and execute a social media management strategy to maximise engagement and deliver results.

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Gareth Alvarez
Gareth Alvarez

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