One thing we’ve learned from our challenges this year is that you really have to commit to just launching. Whether it’s publishing 100 blogs in a month, or going live every day for our #30DaysOfLive, the trick is to get things done. So here’s a challenge for you: get started with email marketing, and then launch your first lead magnet in a weekend. Don’t overthink it. Get it done so you can start testing things and get results. These lead magnets are all effective, and quick to make.

Marketing only works if you put it out there. Ideas don’t count. 

Make a Lead Magnet Quiz

With fancy tools like LeadQuizzes you can let people take a quiz, then ask them to opt-in before they can see the results. If you don’t want to play that kind of game, you can pitch the quiz, get the email, THEN send them the full quiz link. 

Quizzes are fun because you can make it silly or serious, short or long. It’s up to you. And you can easily work it into a premium result. A quick and easy premium offer could simply be 1:1 coaching to help them with their result “type”.

Share a Template

This is a great choice for graphic designers but it’s not limited to pretty printables or editable templates. Doing the hard work AND leaving it editable is incredibly valuable, whether it’s a presentation design, a spreadsheet, email copy and formatting, DIY wedding invitations, or anything else you do, that others can customise. 

Take something you do and share it as a template – and use the opportunity to let people take a peek behind the scenes at you and your work!

Create A Valuable Tutorial

The fastest way to create an opt-in tutorial is to repurpose your content. This could be as simple as sharing a webinar replay. You could also turn a popular blog post into a download so people can grab and go, or create an all-new tutorial for subscribers only.

Tutorials could also be shared as the first lesson or chapter of a larger guide, that you then push to subscribers to ‘upgrade’ to. If you have a Teachable course, for example, you could create the first lesson as a separate course for people to access for free. If they subscribe to get access, then it’s likely they’ll be interested in the full course, too.

This is a great lead magnet to lead up to paid webinars, courses, in-person workshops, and other educational offers.

Share a Recipe or System

A recipe opt-in could literally be a recipe to cook or drink. But for most businesses, it could be a system or process to follow. List your favourite tools or methods to make a specific thing happen. For instance, how your social media is on autopilot, or what your video production process is, step-by-step. Think about what your core audience would find helpful, and how you can lead the opt-in to your products or services.

For example, if you offer interior design, your system could be about house organisation or party planning. The email sequence could then be about using your interior to make organisation easy or having a more entertaining-friendly home. And by the way, you can help them with that!

The Ultimate Quick Lead Magnet: Checklist or Worksheet

Everyone wants to save time. Putting your expertise into a one-page checklist or worksheet helps your audience save time again, and again. Depending on your niche, the checklist or worksheet could even be an online tool. But you don’t need to get too fancy with it. If it’s going to be a PDF, try to make sure it’s either super printer-friendly OR also has digital forms in the PDF so people can use it without printing it, too. 

Remember It’s About Your Audience

Lead magnets are about building the right audience. You need to think of ways to serve your clients or customers. Think about how that can build into your content marketing funnel. After wooing someone on social media or through your blog, your lead magnet builds on that. It adds an extra level of trust and should clearly show YOU what that person needs from you next. Here’s more info on what a lead magnet is and what it should do for your business.

Not feeling inspired by these ideas? Take a look at our longer list of different lead magnets that you could put to use. Just remember not to overthink it. If it takes much longer than a weekend to plan and produce, you might be off target. The biggest thing your lead magnet should do is offer value for time.

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Anna Simmonds
Anna Simmonds

Anna, Chief Growth Officer, has spent over a decade in digital marketing and has been part of Social INK since 2017. She builds strategic campaigns focused on growth and community engagement for Social INK’s clients.