Although some users think of LinkedIn as just an online method of displaying CVs, the platform is much more than that. Having your business on LinkedIn is just as vital as having a Facebook or Twitter presence. One of the key benefits is that LinkedIn can help you generate leads. Here we’ll explore lead generation on LinkedIn and the methods you can use to maximise your presence on the professional’s network.

Why Is Lead Generation Important?

Simply attracting the attention of a passive audience isn’t going to make anyone much in the way of money or growth. The key is turning those visits and casual glances into sales leads. By finding out who’s been drawn to your site in the first place, you can then tailor content to tempt them from thinking about a purchase to committing.

In other words, turning your visitors, and people with a natural affinity for your brand, into qualified leads. These are the ideal potential customers to target and cater to because you already have a head start.

LinkedIn And Lead Generation

Why LinkedIn, as a platform?

For a start, it’s the online home of professional networking. The people using LinkedIn clearly lay out their roles and capabilities, making it easier to pitch at the decision-makers. This simplifies lead generation on LinkedIn.

The interface itself provides bespoke tools to track and improve lead generation, too. Whether it’s breaking down the demographics of your website visitors or tracking your conversions, it will give you a way of measuring your success.

How To Select The Right Targets

Using LinkedIn Matched Audience will help you to plan and direct your resources.

It does this through:

  • Website Retargeting
  • Your website visitors will be re-engaged
  • Use a tag to track the retargeting and resulting conversions
  • Email Contact Targeting
  • Integrate your email contact list with your website host/builder
  • Account Targeting
  • Reach decision-makers at organisations you’ve identified as targets
  • Combine your targeting with LinkedIn demographic targeting

These targets will be a combination of people already showing an affinity for or interest in your brand — the ones who have searched for you and visited your website — and leads based on the demographic tracking for likely interest.

To maximise the number of leads, use the Audience Network and Audience Expansion tools to find qualified leads who should have similar levels of interest or relevance.

Sponsored Ads And InMail From LinkedIn

We’ve all seen sponsored content in the midst of our social feeds, and the temptation to click only increases when tailored to our interests and demographics. The same is true for email.

We’re more likely to skim or discard a message unless it contains something we might already be looking for, or makes us aware of something new and intriguing. This way you can target brand new leads from likely demographics, but also provide a reminder to those initially passive customers who came looking in the first place but didn’t engage.

Lead Generation Forms

Forms can be the hook that makes the difference between a new customer and someone just passing by.

Along with using ‘Autofill with LinkedIn’ to pre-populate forms on your own landing page and save customers time, you can use them for getting customers to sign up to webinars, download free trials, or other resources to entice and engage them.

They’re mobile friendly too, which helps to increase conversions by removing friction in the signup process. If customers need to go back to a laptop or desktop to sign up, there’s a good chance of losing them along the way. Instant, easy form filling on any platform increases conversion and retention right off the bat.

The statistics back up the value of Lead Gen Forms as a marketing tool. Bynder saw a 500% increase in the number of leads generated, while TIAS School saw a 50% decrease in the cost per lead. Big players like Intel using Lead Gen Forms saw an 85% increase in leads, year-on-year, and 2.4x the level of engagement after their initial test campaign.

How To Track Conversion

Use the Insights tag to track post-click activity. Conversion tracking is what lets you tell your Lead Gen story. You want to know what they clicked on to get there, but also what they were interested in and signed up for once they got to you.

Once you find that it’s working, and leads are converting into sales, repeat the process and keep learning more about your customers.

Getting More Out Of Your LinkedIn Presence

Coupled with all these handy tools, make sure that your company and staff profiles are up-to-date and as on brand as possible. It’s part of your shop window, especially if you’re engaging with clients directly on the platform.

Remember, whatever your business does on social media, make sure that you are optimising the strengths of each platform to maximise your ROI.

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