Lead Generation Coaching from Social INK

At our core, we believe in being human, being social and connecting people. In business terms, to make this work you need sales and marketing. Marketing to bring prospects to your door excited about what you do and why you do it. And sales to help people make an informed and timely decision once they are in the door. Lead generation coaching for us is about both.

We all know that sales and marketing go hand-in-hand

So, where does your marketing finish and your sales begin? 
How do you ensure they are working together? 

As a small businessconsultant or coach you are busy delivering to your current customers. You don’t have the time to figure out what to do with your marketing or sales funnel. 

We get it! 

Everyone is so busy, but without a strategy to concentrate efforts and easy actions to complete, it’s no wonder that:

– Sales are only driven through referrals. 
– You feel like social media is a waste of time/money. 

There are 1,000s of articles online describing different marketing or sales strategies; it’s difficult to know what to do next. Some successful people in your industry might seem to know what they are doing; its invariably small actions every day that has built them to where they are today. 

We want to support you in that growth and put YOU on the path to succeeding in your business. Our lead generation coaching focuses on doing just that. 

We only work with people who are open to advice, ready to take action and genuinely want to improve their business. You can book a free consultation call to ensure it’s the right fit, for you and for us. 

How does coaching with Social INK work?

You’ll Get an initial kickoff call with Chris & James where they will deep dive on your business to understand where you are now and what is going to have the biggest impact in the short term. 

Weekly calls (1 hour) with Chris to coach you on your digital marketing solutions and (1 hour) with James to focus on your networkingsales and productisation. Plus, you’ll have access 7-days-a-week to an exclusive WhatsApp chat for questions, support and feedback. 

We will also support you with access to templates for marketing efforts and access to our extensive network including introductions and promotional opportunities.

Who are Chris & James?

Chris Bruno June 2020

Chris has over 10 years of experience in starting & selling businesses and supporting coaches, small businesses and consultants to grow their offering. You can tap into that knowledge through weekly 1-2-1 calls focussed on where your business is now and what actions you need to take in your marketing and digital infrastructure to build something that grows and importantly, is sustainable. Chris is also the host of the All About Digital Marketing Podcast – so he knows his stuff! Chris’s focus is on getting the basics right first; you need solid foundations in your marketing. 

Social INK - James O'Donnell

James has 20 years of experience in sales from recruitment, training businesses and tech startups. His unique networking approach can be applied to any B2C or B2B business to allow you to systematically build a network of hot leads and referral partners. Coupled with this in your 1-2-1 calls with James you will learn how to best position and price your products; and improve your sales conversions. James’s approach to sales is conversational and partnership focussed, with no hard sales tactics!!

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“My activity on social media has become more consistent, professional and I am getting more engagement than ever before. Social Ink has improved my outreach strategy and now my potential clients are getting to know me (and I am getting to know them) before I start selling. I now get inbound enquiries that have led to paid work and people have started to buy my products online.”
Ellen Mukwewa – Marell Consulting

Is Our Lead Generation Coaching Right For You?

We have limited availability for new coaching clients so before we enrol anyone we recommend you book a free consultation call to ensure we are the right fit for you and visa versa! 

So if you feel like you are in need of this kind of support, if you want to grow your business, but you feel overwhelmed, book a free consultation call now.