A blank page (or screen) can be scary. All that white space to fill. But with what? Here are 3 Tips to Jump-Start Your Content Marketing.

Since content marketing depends on, content, a blank page is of no use to anyone. Finding inspiration, generating ideas, or just getting words on the page, these are the pain points every content marketer experiences at some point.

But, as real as writer’s block may be, there are some quick and easy ways to get you started when it comes to creating your content. So let’s keep it simple, and just focus on getting started.

Here are 3 tips to help get you writing content for your business, right now.

1. Who Are You and What Do You Do?

Talk about your business. If you’re not prepared to do so, no one else will.

Tell people the basics like; why you started, when you started, who you started with (nothing wrong with starting on your own), when you started, and even where you started. Provide some insight into your background and experience and make it clear to people what your company actually does.

This is one hell of a story already. You’re on a mission. A mission that a lot of people admire you for embarking on.

Simon Sinek says “start with why”. Why not do the same thing? Explain what it is that drove you to start your business.

Let your readers get to know you and your business. Be personal, open, honest and human. This type of content provides the building blocks of a relationship with your customers.

In a nutshell: tell YOUR STORY!

2. What’s Happening in Your Industry in General?

Be the expert. Be a source of industry insight. Demonstrate that you are a reliable authority by sharing news, updates and opinions on movements within your industry.

Educate your customers and build trust by showing them you have your finger on the industry pulse. Write content that proves you know your stuff.

Content that explores what’s happening in your field and what’s in the news is relatively easy to produce. Better still, content that covers the issues customers could be facing has the added bonus of allowing you to position yourself as the solution they’re seeking.

Don’t be afraid to add value! No matter what you might think, you never know how your content could help someone in some way.

3. What Do Your Clients Want?

Building on the idea of offering solutions, another great content creation strategy is the empathetic approach.

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. What are they looking for? Do you know what they need? What are their pain points?  How can you make their lives better?

If you adopt a client-first content strategy you’ll not only add value through education, knowledge and insight but you’ll also forge a trusting relationship with your customers. If you answer their questions, satisfy their curiosity and meet their needs, they’ll keep coming back to you.

Throw out some information that will help them, free of charge. You make cakes, share a recipe (it probably shouldn’t be your secret recipe). Just remember, avoid trying to sell at every opportunity. Content marketing is more about giving than receiving.

The sell comes later.

Get people reading and engaging with your content first.

Jump-Start Content Marketing: It’s Over to You

Hopefully, this has given you some tips to jump-start your content marketing. Once you start adding words and thoughts to that blank page, you’ll quickly find that one idea leads to another. And suddenly, you have a pipeline which you can begin to fashion into a content marketing funnel.

What is it that you’re struggling with in your content marketing?

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Gareth Alvarez
Gareth Alvarez

Gareth, Social INK’s Head of Content (sometimes playfully referred to as ‘spellcheck’), just adores words. He’s written copy for ads, websites, and blogged extensively. Content marketing is his bag. He loves getting creative with his writing.