As part of our #30DaysOfLive challenge in May, I spoke a little about “What a digital marketing agency can do for you.” In this quick read, I wanted to address a question we often hear amongst small business owners: Is a digital marketing agency right for me?

When you’re a small business, a startup, a one-man band, whatever you want to call it, you usually don’t have the resources to start outsourcing parts of your business. You have to do everything yourself. Trust me. I feel your pain. I’ve been there.

I started Social INK in 2008 (it was called Just Consulting for the first 6 years), and that first year was brutal. Trying to get on top of accounting (especially end-of-year accounts) and on top of staffing was a neverending battle. Add to this the need to figure out office space and watch cash flow. Then, of course, there’s trying to find clients and generate revenue. All in all, I found myself looking like Edvard Munch’s The Scream (before it became an emoji).


It’s a hard slog!

When Is It Time to Contact a Digital Marketing Agency?

But, as your business starts to progress and you start to bring in more revenue, you quickly realise there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything. So you begin to outsource. Typically, one of the first people you bring in, as a small business, is an accountant. Once the accounts are off your desk, you can start focusing on what’s important.

It’s important to remember that you need to get to this point as a business. The point where you’re in a position to begin outsourcing. As soon as you do, you’ll be able to put all your energies back into your core focus. Namely, the reason you started your business in the first place, to do what you love. Be it baking cookies, selling up-cycled furniture, crafting unique sock monkeys, building a fitness clothing brand, whatever it might be.

Now, to help get you back to focusing on that thing you love, once you have enough revenue coming in, it’s time to clear another load of tasks off your desk. This is when you need to ask yourself, is a digital marketing agency right for me? Your website, your social media, your content, your digital marketing — they all need to be outsourced to a specialist digital marketing agency.

How Do I Know an Agency Is Right for Me?

The time you spend updating your site, creating blog content, taking product photos, posting on social media, trying to write a newsletter, figuring out the latest online platform, could all be spent on your business. All of these things take up time, and most importantly, they stop you from focusing on creating your product or delivering your service.

This is when a digital marketing agency is right for you. When you’re not spending enough time on your product or service. In other words, the time you lose trying to figure these things out, learn new skills, and new tools, this is when you need to consider engaging a digital marketing agency.

Finding the right one for you depends on what you need help with most. For most companies, the starting point is keeping your website (especially if it’s e-commerce) up to date, creating new blog content, and updating social media on a regular basis.

A good digital marketing agency should help you to generate more revenue for your business. They should understand your business and be able to move quickly on your behalf. Likewise, you should trust them and see them as an extension of your business, not as a third-party supplier.

If you’ve reached this point, it might be time to get in touch with our team. You can start off with a Free Digital Marketing Consultation.

If you’re not there yet, then feel free to browse our blog and check out our All About Digital Marketing Facebook group. There you’ll find insights, tips, videos, and more to help you on your way.

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Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Chris, founder and CEO of Social INK, has devised and consulted on more digital marketing and social media marketing campaigns than you can shake a stick at. He’s also got a bit of a thing for online advertising and social media advertising.