Instagram has become a “must be there” place for brands. It’s great for brand awareness. But it does more than just promote a positive brand image. There’s also evidence that it directly drives sales. So you want to promote your brand on Instagram but there are only so many hours on the day! What do you do? Read on. Because we’ve put together a list of great free Instagram tools to give you a helping hand.

From creating beautiful posts to finding the right hashtags there’s a tool for every occasion. And if you still don’t have time you can always outsource your social media

Our 8 Favourite Free Instagram Tools

Later: Schedule Your Posts Ahead of Time

The free plan on Later allows you to schedule 30 Instagram posts a month, which is a great way to keep posting consistently even during the busiest weeks. Upgrading to a paid plan will also give you analysis tools and scheduling for Instagram Stories.

Buffer: Another Option for Scheduling Instagram Posts

This widely used social media scheduling tool supports Instagram. Buffer offers a basic free plan that allows you to add one social media account. Although you can only have 10 posts scheduled in a queue at any one time, there’s no monthly limit.

Canva Stories: Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

Canva is a fantastic free tool for creating all kinds of graphics for your marketing. But we especially love using Canva Stories for Instagram stories. There’s a library of beautifully designed templates and a whole host of tools to fix your images, add filters, and edit text. You can even combine the templates with videos to keep everything on-brand.

Linktree: Make the Most of the Link in Your Bio

Not being able to include links in posts is one of the limitations of Instagram for marketing. But you can include a link in your bio. Using Linktree you can make the most of that one precious link by using it to drive traffic to your Linktree page. There you can house all the links you want to drive your followers to.

Repost for Instagram: Repost Your Favourite Photos and Videos

This one does what it says on the tin. Repost is an app that allows you to quickly and easily repost other people’s posts while making sure that credit still goes to the original Instagrammer. A great little tool.

Preview: Design a Beautiful Feed

You know those brands who have their posts planned so it’s not just individual posts that look good but they come together to make a beautiful feed? Preview will help you do that easily. SImply plan out your feed using its drag and drop tool. It also includes a hashtag finder and basic analytics.

Ritetag: Find the Right Hashtags

RiteTag is available as a mobile app or a Chrome extension for desktop use. This tool gives you instant hashtag suggestions for images or text, based on real-time hashtag engagements.

Combin: Grow a Quality Audience

Combin is an Instagram marketing tool to help you build a loyal following. It has features that help you detect who doesn’t follow you back, analyse and monitor your audience quality, and find your target audience and relevant influencers for your account. And their Starter Plan is free. Forever.

And a Bonus Tool

Wordswag: The Fastest Way to Create Awesome Instagram Posts

Okay, so this one isn’t free. But it’s so good and such fantastic value (less than a fiver) that we had to include it. Wordswag is an app available for both iOS and Android that allows you to create fantastic posts in seconds by applying styled text to your images. It even includes a library of quotes and captions so you’ll never be stuck for what to say.

All that’s left is for you to enjoy exploring some of these free Instagram tools. However, you might also be interested in the best social media marketing tools to really help drive your business forward.

Of course, don’t forget, if you’d like a bit more help managing your social media, you can always schedule a free social media consultation. Just like most of the Instagram tools above, it’s free.