It’s a strange phenomenon. Father’s Day doesn’t seem to receive even half as much of the hype of Mother’s Day. It seems like months before Mother’s Day, we’re flooded with adverts that remind us to show our mums some love. So, where’s the commercial love for dads? We think all dads should be celebrated. From the grumpy old gits to the fun-loving fathers, we love ‘em all. Thankfully, brands are starting to catch on. With Father’s Day just around the corner, here are some of the most inspiring Father’s Day ads and campaigns in 2019.

They’re a joyous celebration of all dads. In all their dodgy-dancing, piggyback-giving, pun-loving, grumbling glory.

Moonpig’s Father’s Day Ad in 2019

Let’s face it. Dad’s are a pretty practical, straightforward bunch. That means, they don’t like a fuss, and they tend to know how to fix things. For instance, a leaky tap, or a crashed computer. But they’re not generally known for their over sentimentality. That’s why this Moonpig advert is such a well-planned campaign. Because it’s short, simple and to the point.

There are no bells and whistles: just a collection of really natural, heart-warming quotes from dads. Moonpig’s USP is highly personalised cards, so it’s a savvy move to highlight the individuality of dads and how their product caters for that.

Also, we love the dad who believe the integral part of fatherhood is to embarrass your kids. *High five* to you, sir.  

Father’s Day by Hallmark

As you might expect from a brand that’s become synonymous with sentimentality and occasional slushiness, Hallmark’s Father’s Day offering is full of emotion. But they keep it from being too sweet by sharing a thoroughly modern view of dads. All dads are represented here, from the baby-wearer to the handyman. And there’s a bit of an emotional gut punch mid-message.

It’s great to see the stereotype of a macho man, who leaves child-rearing to his wife, being smashed to bits so succinctly.

Nivea Men

In fact, the best ads and campaigns have steered away from outdated stereotypes this year. And thankfully, the old-timey stereotype of hands-off dads—dads more interested in a beer than their baby⁠—is long gone. It’s paved the way for a new sort of male-focused advert. Nivea’s ad is emotional but never soppy. In short, it’s human. (Who knew dads were people too, right?)

Nivea’s ad sees a Liverpool FC fan being given a surprise from his sons. There’s something deeply heartwarming about this dad’s genuine reaction and joy that connects with us an audience. We LOVE to get personal—digital marketing and social media is storytelling, after all—and this ad nails it.

And is it just us, or does he look just as thrilled to see his boys as he does Andy Robertson?


After this year’s groundbreaking advert, showing a dad teaching his transgender son how to shave, you could probably predict that shaving supremos Gillette would have something special for Father’s Day. Their highly intelligent advert addresses Father’s Day with a twist. It’s emotionally-charged, and there are moments of sadness. However, the overwhelming happiness and pride in footballer Ian Wright’s voice as he speaks about his male role models is a joy to watch.

It’s also another brilliant swipe at the world of toxic masculinity, with a highly regarded footballer speaking openly about his male relationships and emotions.


Beer barons, Fuller’s Brewery, hit the ball out of the park for their Father’s Day campaign. They offered one lucky dad the chance to win his own pub for the day. Their ‘My Dad’s Pub’ competition offered a private meal for a dad and all of his friends. (And you would hope family, since they’re the ones doing the nominating!) On top of this, the dad would have their chosen Fuller’s pub re-named in their honour for Father’s Day. It’s a Fuller’s loving dad’s dream! Here’s their video from 2017:

They also get bonus points for running a male-focused charity scheme alongside this, with a £2 donation to Prostate Cancer UK for every booking on Father’s Day.

Dollar Shave Club

We’re rounding out our list with this weird and wonderful commercial from across the pond. It’s a beautiful celebration of the diversity of dads, and dad bods! Not only that, it’s funny. We challenge you to watch and not crack a smile.

The best bit, it’s a seriously successful advert. Try getting that theme song out of your head for the next 24 hours!

So, there you have it. Our favourite inspiring Father’s Day ads and campaigns from 2019. It’s a wonderfully diverse selection, from the emotional to the rib-tickling. However, they all have one thing in common. They’re authentic and perfectly suited to celebrating the unique nature of dads.

Happy Father’s Day!

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