On Monday 10th June, HyperGrowth 2019 London came to town. I was lucky enough to snap up a ticket to attend, so I headed to Old Billingsgate, an iconic conference centre, located on the north bank of the Thames, on a grey and rainy (typical) London day, to listen to some incredible speakers giving their views on business, marketing and most importantly growth.

I don’t attend a huge amount of conferences. A full day out of the office when you’re an SME can often mean you have a lot to catch up on when you’re finally back in the office. But every now and again, when I see an agenda with speakers that I really want to find out more about, I’ll make the time.

There were two speakers in particular at Hypergrowth 2019 London that I really wanted to hear from: Ryan Deiss from DigitalMarketer.com and Amanda Hill, CMO for Harrods.

I caught the tail end of Victoria Pendleton, World and Olympic Sprint Champion in Cycling. I found a seat in time for, what I considered, the main attraction (for me). Here are my takeaways from the speakers at HyperGrowth 2019:

Charlotte Pearce – Inkpact – What’s love got to do with it?

If you don’t know Inkpact, then you were just like me until yesterday morning. If you do know them, then you know what an awesome concept they’ve created. Handwritten content that you can create, personalise and have delivered straight to your clients or prospects. This is definitely cool, especially in an age where marketers talk about Online, SEO, Search and Social Media all the time.

Her presentation was all around sharing the love. Her talk covered collapsing and combining the two boxes we create in our minds that split family/friends/loved ones with our business’s customers. A short heartfelt message, that shows you’ve taken time and thought for your customer, is a great idea and stands out so much more than a simple email.

Ryan Deiss – DigitalMarketer.com – How to Be a 10X Marketer

Next up was Ryan Deiss. Now if you’re in marketing, and if you’ve ever searched for topics on digital marketing, chances are you’ve come across the DigitalMarketer.com website. It’s a great resource for those in the industry, and those looking for help with their marketing in general.

Ryan’s talk at Hypergrowth 2019 London was all about becoming a 10X Marketer. Now, I won’t lie. I’m not usually a fan of many things that include “10X this” or “10X that” but when it comes to Ryan, I wanted to hear what his thoughts were on the movement in our industry.

The main focus of his talk was about the wide-ranging skill set that a great marketing team needs to have. To counteract that, marketers as individuals need to have a wide and shallow understanding of all aspects, but be narrow and deep in two core disciplines. But the one core aspect that kept coming up was how copywriting is at the heart of everything we do. To paraphrase Ryan:

“Great creative (graphics) can amplify great messaging (copy), but no creative will ever work with bad messaging.”

Ryan Deiss, Digital Marketer

Getting your messaging, your copy, your content marketing right is still fundamental to the success of your business.  

He also talked about great books for marketers to read, and promised a link to the reading list. I had to chase him on Twitter after, but he made good and sent through the link. Cheers for that Ryan.

Amanda Hill – CMO – Harrods – Thoughts + Reflections

We recently got involved with a luxury brand, Eden Sparkling Wine, and recently I’ve been researching and reading as much as I can on how luxury brands market themselves. It can be tricky as it has a very different proposition than most day-to-day products. There’s not always a need for these products, so how do you articulate the emotion to engage people?

Amanda talked about her career, and how she arrived at the CMO position with Harrods. But most importantly, she talked and emphasised the need for great storytelling. She challenged the audience as to who has taken the time to write down their personal story for their personal brand. As we looked across the room, the vast majority of people were keeping quiet.

Telling great stories is still at the heart of everything marketing does and it should continue that way.

So what’s next?

One resounding message from all three speakers in that session: make sure we all continually create engaging stories for our brands and businesses. Be it personal, corporate, we all have a story and most importantly, everyone can relate to a good story right?

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Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

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