Web 3 is a new way of doing business, and it’s not just for big companies that have the resources to take advantage of the latest technology or the most advanced tools. It’s time to get on board with Web 3 to stay competitive in your industry.

The Benefits of Web 3.0 for Your Business

Web3 is a new form of internet technology that revolutionises every social paradigm in today’s market. For now, creating a social media profile means logging in with an email, phone number or linked Google account. Most people don’t realise the amount of personal information tracked each second they surf on their favourite platforms. Unbeknownst to them, they became the product.

The term “web3” was coined by Tim O’Reilly when he observed that web 2.0 had failed to live up to its promises and wanted an upgrade that would be more interactive than ever before. It’s not just about what you can do on the Internet; it’s also about what you can do with the Internet.

Web3 promises to provide opportunities for business owners to interact with their customers in ways they could never have before. It’s time for a consumer-centric focus:

  1. Start with community
  2. Adopt a build-with-mentality
  3. Produce content that is forward moving

Let’s dive deeper to explain further how to grow your business using web3 marketing strategies.

How to Use Web 3.0 for Your Business

First, you must adopt a web3 mentality. Completely shed what you thought you knew about marketing from web2, and embrace being a beginner again; this space is ever-evolving, making staying up to date practically impossible.

However, these three fundamental principles will provide the necessary foundation to set your business up for long-term success:

Leveraging a Shared Community To Build a Better Business

Without a doubt, one of the single fastest ways to keep your business sustained and scaling long term is by having a solid community of brand advocates behind you. The issue is that building to a point where you have such a community takes effort and time, both of which most companies fail to consider. Many emerging businesses entering the space expect to find a ‘magic pill’ that will quickly boost their brand to stardom. All while not sacrificing their reputation, keeping ad budgets down and retaining a low churn rate.

Hate to break it to you, but such a pill is a pipedream. Instead, focusing on a step-by-step approach will significantly increase your odds of success.

Start by understanding where most of your audience exists in the web3 space; surprise, it’s not Facebook or Instagram. Most web3 enthusiasts and consumers hate most traditional social media platforms, opting for chat forums such as Discord, Telegram or Reddit. The only two web2 platforms that seemed to have survived the purge were Twitter and LinkedIn, with thriving web3 communities eagerly looking for more brands to connect with within the space.

Main takeaway: Tailor your content to your new audience that exists on different platforms than where they currently are. Getting ahead now and establishing a base of loyal followers before the crazy rush that will inevitably happen will put you miles ahead of your competitors.

Adopt a Build-With-Mentality To Grow Trust In Your Brand

Similar to the point above**,** the web3 community appreciates transparency and honesty over anything else. Your audience wants to feel involved with your business – as if they, too, are helping grow your brand (which they are by the way). This is an important distinction because most companies today seldom run their business as a ‘democracy,’ opting to save a buck and cut a corner wherever they can while rarely considering customers’ reactions.

Get involved on your Discord server or Twitter feed. Post frequent updates, ask for feedback, run polls, and respond to every concern your community has. Learn from them, appreciate their perspective and be open to pivoting your business to match their suggestions. This doesn’t mean catering to their every wish but instead shifting your mindset from old, dead approaches and towards more collaborative and co-sharing strategies. You might even want to run collaborative events allowing them to help you decide on future developments?

Main Takeaway: Retain an open mind and a flexible approach when dealing with your web3 community. These customers appreciate transparency, honesty and collaboration over traditional sales funnel gimmicks. Be ready for the long haul. Building a community in this fashion takes time but ultimately leads to incredible results.

Produce Content That is Forward Moving For Your Community

You might hear Gary Vee talk about bringing value to your customers through every piece of content that you produce – he’s 100% correct. Yes, you can get clicks with a click-bait tagline or drive insane engagement by running a 1 Bitcoin giveaway campaign, but what comes up must come down.

The content you push out directly reflects your brand, what you stand for, and where you’re heading. You want to attract quality people to your business and convert them into brand loyalists over time. By constantly banking on signup bonuses, crypto giveaways, or NFT hype contests, you risk acquiring tons of users who are only there for the free stuff – quality over quantity.

Produce content that provides your audience with value instead of dangling a carrot over your customer’s faces: Create Twitter threads that educate your audience on subjects related to your industry, record videos that go more in-depth, and write articles that highlight recent events and news.

Main Takeaway:  Take the time to produce higher quality content, and don’t opt to push out tons of low-grade content. Over time, you will position your brand as a thought leader in the space, drawing customers away from your competitors and towards your doors.

Ultimately, to successfully market your business using web3 strategies means adopting a new mentality towards marketing in general.

Focusing on:

  1. Building a community over the long-term
  2. Adopting a build-with-mentality
  3. Producing content that is forward moving

…will set your business apart from your competition while acquiring brand loyalists and building industry credibility.

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