This is a subject that’s very close to my heart. Knowing how to support a small business right now is imperative. And as easy as it is to think that it will all work itself out, 2020 is proving to be a big and small business killer year. So if you have friends that own a small business, or you love that independent coffee shop you go to every morning for your frapa-capa-mocha-soya-latte, you should read this and take some action. 

A Simple as a Like 

All small businesses and independent businesses are online today. They have a Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn or an Instagram account. Take the time to find them online and give them a like. Help them boost their numbers, but more importantly, know that you’re out there and that you care. 

2020 is going to challenge so many small businesses. I mean seriously challenging. It’s make or break for many. The most simple way to support them is going to be to follow them online. Costs you nothing and will help them out. 

Share, Share and Share Some More

Want to know how to support a small business on a whole new level? Share what they’re posting. Are they trying to crowdfund a new project? Share it (even if you can’t afford to pitch in). Have they announced a new product line? Share it everywhere! 

We’ve become so used to sharing the latest Beyonce video, or a great piece of content from Old Spice. But when it comes to supporting a small business, most of us simply ignore it. We don’t like it. We don’t share it. Why don’t we? 

Whatever our reasons are to not share small business’s posts, this year it’s more important than ever. These small business owners are in pain and they need our support. All of us. To help them survive and live to fight another day. 

Instead of helping Jay-Z, or Kanye make more money, support a small business to help them simply survive 2020 and more likely than not, 2021 too. 

Comment & Leave Feedback

So you’ve like their page, you may have even shared a post or two. Next up, it’s time to put some effort in. Did you know that posts with likes, shares and comments get more exposure on social media networks? These kinds of actions can make such a huge difference, especially when a small business only has a small audience. 

So show them some support. Leave a positive message or comment. Encourage them, or empathise with them. BEtter still, tell them what you think of them. Refer to the last time you visited their establishment, or bought from them. The smallest of comments not only helps their content be seen more, but there’s a huge motivational boost for owners when they receive this feedback. 

If you’re visiting their establishment, maybe posted a picture from there and tag them in it, helping them to get more exposure. 

I mean let’s face it, we’ll do it when we want to show off about where we are, why wouldn’t we do it selflessly and help small businesses avoid having to close if things carry on the way they are. 

Support a Small Business by Signing Up

So I get it, we all receive way too many emails, from things that we either didn’t sign up to, or that we’ve forgotten that we signed up to long ago. 

For a small business though, it can make a huge difference. One way to support a small business is to sign up for their newsletter or their latest offer. Yes, you’ll receive some promotional emails from them, but better than them shutting down altogether in the next 6 months and you not being able to go back ever again. Right? 

If you do receive an offer, and you do buy that product or service usually from a larger company because it’s slightly cheaper or fast delivery, maybe take a moment to reconsider. Another order to Amazon isn’t going to have any impact. An order for a small business can have a major impact. 

How to Support a Small Business 

Here’s a clip from episode 3 of The Social INK Show on YouTube:

These are a few, really simple ways that you can help a small or independent business right now. None of them are particularly hard. None of them take a lot of time. But right now, any of these actions could have a major positive impact on a business that otherwise is struggling. 

Lots of small businesses will try to put on a brave face. They’ll try to continue business as usual. But think about this. In March, companies worth billions found themselves close to bankruptcy after just 2 months with reduced income. Imagine how much harder it is for small businesses to stay afloat. 

I’m not saying you have to spend all day everyday online trying to find small businesses to support online. But, when that post from your local coffee shop, hairdressers, retail store, or restaurant comes up, make some effort. It will cost you next to nothing, but will have a mamouth impact for them. Even if it’s just a morale boost that we could all use right now. 

Go on, do it now. Share this article. Help spread the word. Let other people know how to support a small business too. The more of us that make an effort, the more small businesses will still be around next year and the year after. 

If you’re struggling with marketing your small business right now, you’re not alone. We’d love to help in any way we can. You can start by simply booking a free digital marketing consultation with the team. No strings, no sales pitch, just honest, open advice, from one small business to another. Alternatively, check out the All About Digital Marketing podcast for more free tips and helpful advice from dozens of marketers across the world.  

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Founder & CEO of Social INK, the blockchain marketing agency. Fractional CMO to blockchain projects. All About Digital Marketing Podcast host. Loves all things blockchain, gaming, tech, NFTs and is impatiently waiting for the metaverse to get here.