Content is king, and it needs to be more engaging than ever to do its job. That job, of course, is helping a business grow.

It is vital for startups and innovative companies, especially those in blockchain, to use content well and use it consistently. 

Repurposing content is how you turn limited time and money into a successful content marketing strategy. 

But saying the same thing over and over sounds like a recipe for bland and boring, right? Not if you do it right. 

When you have a good joke, you won’t tell it just once. 

Content is the same.

Why You Should Repurpose Content

Repurposing content saves time, builds trust, and helps you improve faster. Wins all around.

There are three key principles to why content should be repurposed.

1. Not everyone is everywhere

Do you faithfully check LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Medium, YouTube, Discord, and all your emails, blog subscriptions, and other apps? Every day?

Maybe you do. But probably only for your own channels, because let’s face it – you’re running a business, so those little notifications are pretty important.

What about all the other businesses, people, and projects you care about? Unlikely. Even your big fans won’t see your every post, either. So you’re not spamming people with the same message – you’re just turning up where your people are, and giving them more than one opportunity to catch your content. 

2. Even if people were everywhere, the Rule of 7 is real

A common statistic spoken about in marketing is known as the Rule of 7. It is the theory that people need to see or engage with a brand seven times before they invest in it. (With either their time or money in some way.) 

Today, this rule is debated, pushed back against, called heresy by some, and others (more scientific types) will tell you it’s closer to 19 touch points for your brand to land. Whatever the case, consistently showing up is what matters. 

Quality is key, yes. But consistency with that quality is just as important. Familiarity builds trust, confidence, and even preference.

3. Repurposing helps your marketing improve

You can’t make data decisions without having enough information. 

Did that content tank or do so well because of the platform? The timing? Link vs graphic vs video? If you only post about something once, then you don’t know. You can’t know. 

Repurposing and experimenting with different formats and channels is so important to know what works. It’s all about constant improvement. As your business grows and your audience matures, what ‘works’ will change, too. So you gotta keep at it.

The Challenges of Repurposing Content for Blockchain

Blockchain projects thrive for a better future for their industries. Decentralised management, transparency, contingency, efficiency, liquidity, you name it. Whatever the goal, improvement is sought. 

There are a couple of issues blockchain-related content has to anticipate:

The cryptocurrency market is volatile 

Recognising volatility will make content easier to plan and easier to repurpose, with less stress. 

Volatility tells you which platforms are relevant, and which content is worthy of an overall campaign approach and worth more of your precious time.

Basically, if you’re rushing to post something this minute because it might not be accurate or relevant tomorrow, be clever with it.

All of the big platforms have algorithms that push good content out for days

So if a Facebook post has to go out ‘now’ or it’s too late, then it’s probably best for chat platforms like Discord and Telegram, or ‘limited’ to things like an Instagram Story. 

Otherwise, someone will see it on their feed in 3 days anyway.

Blockchain is (still) pretty niche

There are some big players in the blockchain space, but it’s still not something that everyone knows about. Your industry may not even know about blockchain or crypto. And your audience may not even truly care, other than how it solves their problem, with or without the blockchain element. 

And that’s OK. People don’t need to know how Flutter works to love apps. Android didn’t become the most common operating system by mansplaining Linux.

Content that is worthy of being repurposed needs to speak to your audience. Not just blockchain or crypto fans – unless, of course, they are your core audience. 

Familiarity is key to the repurposing strategy. So you have to be sure you’re repurposing the right message. 

Otherwise, you’re just sharing the same message to people who already ‘get it’ while alienating people who do not. That is not something you want to do over and over again.

Prioritise the Right Real Estate First

Content for your business lives in one of two kinds of online real estate:

  1. Your real estate – your website and your email list
  2. Borrowed real estate – social media platforms and third-party sites like Medium

That’s it. It’s one or the other.

Your website lives by your rules. Yes, your email list is controlled in some ways by the tools you use for it. But at the end of the day you have those emails. If a tool isn’t supporting you, you can move to another one.

Then there’s social media. 

Love it, hate it, it’s where the people are. So it’s where you need to be.

It’s easy to get so caught up in the nuances, excitement, and chatter of your social media platforms that you forget about your real estate. 

The most important real estate is your website and email list. 

For long-term growth, focus on content for your website (articles, blogs, guides, case studies, etc) and your email list.

Then use different ‘rented’ platforms to share your content. Try different formats and experiment to find what works best.

Then use social media for the on-the-day engaging bits. The volatile bits. The two-way conversations. 

But remember, your business needs to anticipate the risk. If Telegram, Discord, or Medium shut down tomorrow, where would you be?

Prioritise your real estate first.

5 Ways to Repurpose Blockchain Content

There’s a lot you can do, but here are five quick ways to get started:

  1. Turn blogs into excerpts or a new angle for an email newsletter.
  2. Turn popular social media posts and the conversations they started into a blog.
  3. If you have to answer the same questions on social media, turn that into a website FAQ or a video so more people can benefit from the answer.
  4. Don’t be shy to do a throwback. Blockchain is so future-focused it’s easy to think old news is, well, old. But it’s effective to look back at key milestones, dates, and the people you met along the way. It shows everyone how far you’ve come and reminds those connections about your work.
  5. Turn live video and AMAs into long-form blogs, guides, short videos or downloads. (And you’re doing transcripts and quote graphics for social media, right?)

We’ve spoken in more depth about how businesses can repurpose blog content for social media. That applies to blockchain, too.

Good Strategy Goes Beyond ‘Crypto’

Marketing a blockchain project has to get past the ‘blockchain’ or ‘crypto’ part. That’s the key to making a sustainable business and how to make a project last. 

We help blockchain projects grow beyond early adopters to become mainstream and established projects. We are committed to the future blockchain can build for so many key industries, and we want to help the projects shaping that future.

Let’s turn your hype into results. Email us at [email protected] to get started.

Anna Simmonds
Anna Simmonds

Anna, Chief Growth Officer, has spent over a decade in digital marketing and has been part of Social INK since 2017. She builds strategic campaigns focused on growth and community engagement for Social INK’s clients.