Creating content is paramount to any digital marketing strategy. But we all know how hard and time consuming it can be. We take the time to write a blog, we post it, we share it on social media, and then that’s it. It dies a death. We’re going to look at how to repurpose blog content for social media. 

Blog Content for Long-Term Growth

I’m sure by now you’ve read about how blog content can be great for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Creating long-form contact in the form of blog posts is a great way to be able to target specific keywords for your industry, niche and business. 

Using tools such as Uber Suggest, or Google Keyword Planner, are a great way to identify keywords to write about. If you’re going to spend the time to write a piece of content, make sure that you identify a keyword that people actually search for. It’s all about giving yourself the best possible chance to be found on Google in the long-term. 

Social Media for Short-Term Engagement

Once we’ve invested all that time researching, and writing a blog post, it seems a shame to just leave it there, hoping that someone will find it one day. So, to make sure that it gets some initial traction, it’s important to share it on social media. 

So, we post the link, the preview appears (make sure your featured image and meta description are looking on point) and create a social post around the content. Invite people to check out the content, and to let you know what they thought. Maybe even ask a question for their opinion. 

At this stage you’re looking to gather some engagement around your posts, to help them be seen more on the platforms. 

1 Blog Doesn’t Equal 1 Social Media Post

So you shared your blog. Is that it for you? If it is, this is where you’re missing the opportunities. One post should become a myriad of content opportunities. And that’s before we even start talking about how to repurpose blog content for social media. 

You can create social media posts around your blog post, sharing it today, but also scheduling to reshare it in a couple of weeks, maybe even in a couple of months. We often forget about our blog posts. Truth be told, if you write a blog post each week for 2 years, you have a library of 104 articles. These can be shared again and again, or updated and reshared. 

There’s a lot that can be done with a blog post. Now let’s get into the juicy parts. 

How to Repurpose Blog Content for Social Media 

Here’s how you can supercharge the impact of your blog posts, each time you invest in writing one. Let’s take a look at the options. 

Quote Graphics

Take a particular key point from your blog, and create a simple quote graphic about that point. You can take an exact quote, or create one about the blog. This is one of the most simple ways of how to repurpose blog content for social media. 

Now you can share an image, with a social media post, including the link to your blog, and you’re giving people a chance to see something specific from that post. If it piques their interest, more likely they’ll read the blog too. 

Imagine now, if you create a couple of quotes for each of your new blog posts, you’re suddenly up to 3 posts. 1 for the initial share of the article, 2 quote graphics. 

Short Simple Videos

Talk about the blog. Take your smartphone out of your pocket, and record a short clip of you talking about the overarching theme of your article. This can seem daunting at first. But let’s face it, if you could write a post about it, you can definitely talk about it for 30-60 seconds. 

It’s really simple, you can just record a video, don’t worry about it being perfect. Don’t worry about the lighting, or the need to buy a microphone. Keep it real to start with. As we like to remind people: 

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ash

People are ok with it just being you and your smartphone. Trust me. 

Ever Think About Starting a Podcast? 

We’ve done tests on our show, the All About Digital Marketing podcast. If you’re creating content on a weekly basis for your blog, why not read it out and record it? We’ve done this as an experiment. 

Episode 65 – Training Your Creative Muscle on the show, was actually based on a personal blog I wrote on my website – Training Your Creativity “Muscle”

Now that’s how to repurpose blog content for social media. Now you’ve got a podcast to share, and embed in your blog post. It means that you are now giving your website visitors the option to read or to listen to your content. 

Short Info Videos 

If you fancy getting more involved, you can start to use additional platforms like Headliner, Lumen 5 or to help you create videos about your content. Here you can add more context. 

For example, you can use the title, and expand a little on the overall contents of the blog post. This can create simple short videos that look good, and that again help tell the story of your blog post content. 

1 Blog Post = 7+ Social Media Posts 

So that’s it for our how to repurpose blog content for social media. The above gives you a minimum of 7 different styles of posts that you can use on social media. All based on just one piece of blog content. 

It’s crazy to me that so many people create a blog post and then simply post and share it once. Seems like a waste to me. There’s so much more that can be made, shared and that will help you to get more out of those posts you’re writing. 

In fact, this blog post was written as a repurposing effort from the Social INK YouTube channel’s latest episode of The Social INK Show. Here’s the video that inspired the blog: 

If you’re still stuck on how to create and repurpose content, book a free consultation with our team. We’d love to hear from you and spend an hour giving you as much advice as we can on how you can do more online. 

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Founder & CEO of Social INK, the blockchain marketing agency. Fractional CMO to blockchain projects. All About Digital Marketing Podcast host. Loves all things blockchain, gaming, tech, NFTs and is impatiently waiting for the metaverse to get here.