Every business should have a blog. So once you’ve decided to go ahead with it, you have to think about what to write. Generating blog ideas isn’t enough. You could probably think of endless ideas – they just might not be relevant. Remember, all of your blog content should be part of your content marketing funnel.  But even when you have a rough content marketing funnel laid out, you still need to know how to generate blog ideas for that funnel. This is when the real work starts to come in.

Ways to Generate EFFECTIVE Blog Ideas

Research What People Are Looking For

The more time and effort you want to put into a piece of content, the more important this step is. You shouldn’t publish a very long, detailed piece without knowing that you’re talking about something your customers or clients want to read about. And that’s true for longer forms of content too, like ebooks. You can use market research like this to publish a blog or two, to test the waters before publishing a more in-depth guide. Or even launching a premium ebook or course about it!

There are a few ways you can find out what people are looking for, but your main method should be through keyword research. That’s right, Google’s is where it’s at. Choosing the right keywords will help you narrow in on the topics that are relevant, that people are looking into, and that you can work into an effective content marketing funnel. Neil Patel’s free Ubersuggest keyword research tool is a good starting point.

And remember you can always just ask. Send an email or post a poll on social media and ask people to choose between something they want more information about. Or have them vote on a few different ideas you have, so you can prioritise which one to write. 

Or take it the other way around: what are people asking you about, already? What do your customers get confused about? What processes do clients go through before they’re ready to work with you – and how can your blog content help them through those stages?

Don’t forget to simply look at your calendar, too. If you’re selling seasonal products, talking about things at the right time will make a big difference. When are people looking into summer interior ideas? How early should you be pushing Christmas gifts?

Our free social media calendar has 12 months of pre-researched topic ideas for you, too.

Example: How to Start a Blog

How to Generate Blog Ideas By Repurposing Your Content

There are more ‘types’ of content out there than ever. With so many online channels to feed, it can be overwhelming. So how’s a business supposed to keep up? 

Take a look at the content you have already published. By ‘content’ that can mean video, Facebook group post, email newsletter, old keynote, et cetera. Can any of them be used as a blog post? If it was worth talking about once, it’s probably worth talking about again. 

Here’s how to repurpose content effectively, to make it easier and actually more efficient.

Example: Social Media Content Ideas: 5 Quick Ideas That Get Results

Be Part of the Conversation

What is your audience or industry talking about? Do you have anything to add to the conversation?

In a roundabout way, you could say this is also about looking at what your competitors are talking about. What topics get traction on their channels? Are the same topics you should be adding your perspective to?

Example: Award-Winning vs Sales-Generating: What Makes A Good Advert?

Repurpose Your Activities

It’s not just about repurposing content and making the most of every single thing you publish. You can, and should, ‘double up’ on the activities you’re doing for your business, too. 

For example, if you’re going to an industry-leading event to exhibit, here are a few blog topics ideas you could publish before, during, and after:

  • We’re attending [Event name]!
  • Q&A with CEO/Team Member Attending the Event
  • Highlights from [Event]: Live Replay (you went live, right?)
  • 5 Trends from [Event] 

Depending on the topics and what’s involved, you can get creative with the content, format, and how you go about it. But point is, make the most of what you do. It’ll build more buzz and make the time and effort on attending or exhibiting events more effective!

Example: HyperGrowth 2019 London Round-Up

If all else fails, take a look at the titles around you. Are there “types” of titles you can repurpose for your own topics?

Title ‘types’ can be fill-in-the-blanks ideas like:

  • # __________ Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business
  • How to Choose A ________
  • _____ Trends for ________

But use that trick well, and only use it after you’ve checked that the topic is relevant to your audience. Don’t just publish scattered things, without having a bigger purpose involved.

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Anna Simmonds
Anna Simmonds

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