In the fake news era, it’s harder than ever to know which information you can trust. That’s why at Social INK, we build trust with content marketing. All the content we create is based on facts. Verified, traceable sources, with statistics and figures that prove the claims we’re making.

Content Marketing: Finding Facts You Can Trust

It takes research. Lots and lots of research. No one source tells the whole story, so we always compare and contrast information taken from different places. We look to subject matter experts (SMEs) to explain their areas of expertise in useful, efficient ways. Most importantly, we work as a team, so the information we use is always filtered through more than one perspective.

Trust-Building with Content

We have a system of checks and balances, and the data we’re using is verified at every step from information-gathering to publication. All our work is proofed and edited by at least one other team member, to make sure we haven’t missed anything or contradicted ourselves. It’s important to use reputable sources that we can trust, which means you can trust the content we’ve built on them.

Engaging The Customer with Good Content Builds Trust

By immersing ourselves in the topic, we can find out what the key questions and concerns are around any given product or service. That allows our content to speak directly to customers. To answer those questions and allay any fears up front. By anticipating their concerns and queries, it allows the end user to trust that we’re dealing with their perceptions head-on. We can also tailor our content to the facets that appeal to them, that jump out and grab the customer in the first place.

Being Selective

This approach to content means Social INK can’t just create for any old product. We monitor various industries, and when the right client comes along, we dive right in and commit.

Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange

You only have to glance at the news to pick up on the emergence of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. Any number of new companies have cropped up during our monitoring of this emerging market, but so often they seemed flimsy on close investigation. Then we met the real deal. GBX has an expert team who know what they’re doing when it comes to finance: they’re a subsidiary of the EU-regulated Gibraltar Stock Exchange after all. Add to that their digital know-how, and we knew that we were dealing with a legitimate player in this market. Building a social media presence for GBX has been an exciting challenge, and a chance to deploy our acquired expertise on blockchain technology. A perfect match.

Using Content Marketing to Build Trust for GBX

We’re getting the word out there about GBX, and a huge following has already developed around their business. It’s not just about telling the world what they do, or how GBX do it, but also engaging with and responding to real-time developments in the market and industry around cryptocurrencies and investments. We read the news and explain that news. So whenever you check in with GBX, you’ll know exactly how they’re responding to recent events. Maybe you’re brand new to this world and want to understand how it works? The platform we’ve built explains it all. Best of all, the information is completely transparent and rooted in facts. The sources we draw from are right there, so you can trust the content you’re consuming.

How Can Social INK Help My Business Build Trust with Content Marketing?

We can help you build trust with content marketing for your brand. Content that shows your customers who you really are, and inspires them to trust your company right from the start. Our team is ready to help you start developing a strategy now, so why not get in touch? You can reach us in a number of ways, but if you want to jump straight in and have an account manager call you, start with our contact form. If you’re interested in finding out how Social INK can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out here. Get to know Social INK. Find us. Follow us. Join us. Connect with us.