We invited our clients, friends, and followers to ask us anything about Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing or Content Marketing. Here are the highlights from our live Q&A on May 29, which was part of our #30DaysOfLive challenge.  Get to know our senior team as they share insight, tips, and industry know-how from the digital marketing trenches.

Meet the Speakers

Chris Bruno, Founder & CEO
Chris has been in sales and marketing for over a decade. He’s run and owned magazines, online television channels and created more campaigns for clients that you could shake a stick at.

Gareth Alvarez, Head of Content
Gareth has blogged, written for magazines (both print and online), worked in TV and developed advertising campaigns. He also has over 10 years’ experience as a teacher of English and Media. He loves film, punctuation and terrible puns.

Anna Simmonds, Head of Social
With over seven years of digital marketing experience, Anna’s skill set spans email, social media, community management, and copywriting so she can create even the smallest bits of content in the context of your overall strategy.

Get to know the Social INK team here.

Watch the Replay

A few of the things we talked about:

  • Anna answers, why should businesses use social media? [05:15]
  • Gareth and Chris talk about what content marketing offers businesses and their customers. [06:25]
  • Things to keep in mind when you choose your social media channels, and why it’s better to focus on a few than be on everything at once. [10:20]
  • How to save time AND be more effective, when there ARE so many channels online [16:26]
  • What’s more important, quality or quantity? [17:43]
  • Why the right tone of voice is key, and actually makes it easier to create content [18:52]
  • How all the pieces come together through an overall content strategy, and why it’s important to start with a strategy first so you don’t waste time [21:00]
  • Will video marketing be more important than content marketing? [25:15]
  • Why live streaming is still such a huge opportunity [27:40]
  • Talking about how we personally consume content online [30:57]
  • Who we consider influencers [35:18]
  • What is an influencer? Does influencer marketing still work? [39:32]
  • Is influencer marketing going to be more restricted? How public perception and awareness is changing the rules [45:20]
  • Attention and trust are your most valuable assets [50:33]
  • Build your expertise and your brand for the RIGHT people, or your following won’t find your products or services relevant [55:14]
  • Gareth’s new venture: Bee’s Knees of Fashion by Gareth Alvarez! [58:48]

How to Save Time

“Start with maybe two or three different channels and focus on getting them really, really right.” – Anna

“Thinking, well I’ve done all this work on this piece of content, can I make it go further? Or how can I make it go further? What can I do in order to make it more long-lasting?” – Gareth

On Influencer Marketing

“On social media, we are all influencers. And we all have influence on the people who genuinely follow us. Whether that’s 10 people or a million people.” – Anna

“When I thought influencer, I was thinking of people that are thought leaders or have reached a certain size or audience.” – Chris

“But if you’ve got a thousand followers and they’re all engaged and they’re all spending money then they’re far more valuable than your million followers who are just making up the numbers.” – Gareth

On Keeping and Earning Attention

“Front-load your content with as much information as possible.” – Gareth

“It’s the trust that means something.” – Anna

“Having a thousand real fans, real followers, people that really engage with what you have what you do is always going to be far more valuable than having a million followers [who aren’t engaged].” – Chris

Other Things, Communities, and People We Mentioned

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