For most people, an idea is a wonderful and inspiring moment where possibilities are endless and our brain races through concepts and potential plans. That moment is what drives us forward. That moment is fleeting. Unfortunately. What replaces it is frustration. And frustration kills good ideas. As an idea spawns in our minds, our body releases dopamine. The brain reacts to new things, to novel ideas, in a particular way. So when we have a new idea, we instantly feel great and full of hope and possibility.

From Good Idea to Frustration: What Changes?

When you start working on your new idea, you’ll come across your first hurdle. This is where most people will fall. It’s also where frustration kills good ideas. Nothing is easy in life! Challenges are there to be overcome. For most of us, the first sign of resistance is a sign to give up. Why? The feeling of endless possibilities has worn off. And at this point, you’re faced with a choice. Option one: give up and look for a new novelty that will reproduce that feeling. Option two: work through it. Don’t give up. Don’t take no for an answer and find a way to bring your idea to fruition.

Frustration Kills Marketing

When it comes to marketing, especially digital marketing, we are all exposed to thousands of ideas from across the world. When we first see these new ideas, the same process (as above) begins. We get very excited about a new concept, for example; building a mail list, generating ads through webinars, building an audience on social media. Whatever the idea may be. So we start. We sign up for a new service. Share the link across our existing portfolio. Even get our friends to test it out and get involved. So we’ve begun. Suddenly, a week later, we realise that we’re not getting sign-ups. We’re not generating new leads. We’re not getting positive results. And instantly, our minds change from a world of possibilities to the frustration that is real life. What usually happens next is simple. People quit!

How to Get Good Ideas past the Frustration Phase?

From experience, we know that frustration kills good ideas. It’s enough to kill any new idea; worse still, your marketing. We try once, we get no results, we give up and move on to the next new thing. Just like the old analogy of the miner who gives up, just inches shy of finding his prize, the idea that could work the best for you and your business could be just around the corner. We’re not willing to try, fail and reiterate on a regular basis. That’s wrong. Writing your first blog post on your website doesn’t guarantee that your business is going to see immediate results. By the time you’ve written 50 blogs though, you can tell what works and what doesn’t for your business. Chances are one of those blogs along the way could result in finding a new client, making a new sale or simply building an audience that could help develop your business in the future. Thomas Edison said it best: “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” By keeping your eyes on the destination at all times, you can continue to weave along the path, overcoming hurdles and setbacks as and when they come along.

Don’t Give Up on Your Ideas!

If there’s one thing you take away from this, experiment at all times. With your life and your marketing. If something doesn’t work for you, try another way. There’s nothing wrong with trying multiple routes to reach your destination. For your marketing, make a commitment to yourself, to your company and most importantly to your idea. Give it a real go before you let frustration kill it. If you can answer the following question truthfully, then you can quit and move on to the next new idea:

“Have I given it a fair chance to succeed?” 

Now it’s over to you. What’s the last idea that you gave up on too early because it didn’t produce instant results for you? Is it time you revisited that idea? Or is it time to set a plan in motion for your latest new idea? If you’re interested in finding out how Social INK can help your business, don’t hesitate to reach out here. Get to know Social INK. Find us. Follow us. Join us. Connect with us.

Chris Bruno
Chris Bruno

Founder & CEO of Social INK, the blockchain marketing agency. Fractional CMO to blockchain projects. All About Digital Marketing Podcast host. Loves all things blockchain, gaming, tech, NFTs and is impatiently waiting for the metaverse to get here.