What’s the point in having a YouTube channel if there’s no one to watch your videos? As with any social media channel, it’s important to build an engaged audience. But when you’re competing with so much content, where do you even begin? Well, you’ll be pleased to learn that free YouTube subscribers are hiding in plain sight. And we’re going to show you how to jumpstart your following in just a few easy steps.

Where Can I Find Free YouTube Subscribers?

When you’re starting to build your presence on a particular social network it’s easy to get frustrated and disenchanted. Growing an audience is critical, otherwise, you’re just shouting into the void. Creating content that doesn’t get seen can be very disheartening. So, what are the solutions?

Well, on the one hand, you could pay for followers and subscribers. We’re not suggesting going down the click-farm route here. Buying followers is a waste of time and money. What you really want is an engaged audience. Not a bunch of dead profiles and bots.

Alternatively, you could pay to boost and promote your content. By targeting your videos at a specific audience you’re more likely to entice viewers to your content and your channel. If they like what the see, you might convert some of them into subscribers. But again, this involves paying. And you may not be in a position to make that investment, early on.

Ultimately, what you want to achieve is organic growth. Specifically, you want subscribers who are interested in your content and willing to engage and share it, therefore expanding your reach and subsequently increasing your audience size. But, organic growth is harder to achieve than ever before. So, how and where do you find free YouTube subscribers who will engage with your videos?

They’re right in front of you. Staring you right in the face.

You Already Know Your YouTube Subscribers

Wait. What? Yep. That’s right. You already know your YouTube subscribers. Just as the title says, free YouTube subscribers are hiding in plain sight.

Where are my free YouTube subscribers you ask?

Your friends, family, coworkers, employees, clients. Anyone you know with a YouTube account (or a Google account for that matter) is a potential free Youtube subscriber. So, all you have to do is approach them. Kindly ask for their support. Request they subscribe, follow, comment, share. We’ve talked about the importance of employee advocacy before. Now it’s time to put it into effect. Get your nearest and dearest involved. It’s the least they can do. And the least you deserve as you’re getting started.

Cross-Channel Promotion

Finally, if you already have an engaged following on other social media platforms, use this as an opportunity to cross-promote. Share links to your YouTube channel, specific videos, and playlists across your various social media profiles. You have free YouTube subscribers just waiting to engage with new content amongst your followers. Let them know where to find you.

Likewise, update the social links on your website and in your email footer to include your YouTube channel. Remind people where they can find you, and you’ll soon find that your list of subscribers will grow.

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Gareth Alvarez
Gareth Alvarez

Gareth, Social INK’s Head of Content (sometimes playfully referred to as ‘spellcheck’), just adores words. He’s written copy for ads, websites, and blogged extensively. Content marketing is his bag. He loves getting creative with his writing.