Fractional CMO

What the actual fraction, is a Fractional CMO?

We’re so glad you asked. And even if you didn’t, we’re about to tell you anyway.

Fractions are a part of the whole (according to Professor Wiseass from the Internet School of Sums). 

Therefore, a Fractional CMO is a part of a whole CMO. Not a full-time CMO. A fraction of that. Let’s call it part-time.

And, as a fraction of a whole CMO, the Fractional CMO comes at a fraction of the cost. Tongue-tied yet?

Fractional CMO for Blockchain Projects

Reduced overheads? Yes, please!

Who needs a full-time Chief Marketing Officer (circa £120k per annum) anyway? Not your blockchain project, that’s for sure.

A Social INK Fractional CMO removes the need for a full-time salaried CMO. This can be for the immediate short-term, or it can be more of a long-term solution.

Having a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer gives blockchain projects all the advantages and experience of a full-time CMO at (you got it) a fraction of the cost. (Bonus: you get to route your cost savings to other parts of the business.) 

What you get in exchange is a flexible service from our experienced CMOs. They can help lead and direct your in-house marketing team, or your outsourced digital marketing team here at Social INK. Either way. You win.

WIth a part-time CMO yielding full-time results, you get maximum growth in minimum time. 

Bottom line: blockchain projects make money with a Social INK Fractional CMO.

What’s not to love?

Fractional Chief Marketing Officers Do

Develop your marketing strategy (both short-term and long-term). 
Decide and commit to which marketing strategies are best for your blockchain business (SEO, content marketing, paid advertising, podcast, etc). 
Solve marketing problems that will arise and need to be resolved quickly.
Lead the in-house marketing department, inspiring and motivating team members.
Hire new employees and build out your team for success.
Work with outsourced agencies (Social INK) leaning on their experience. 

"Fractional CMOs offer marketing leadership and strategic oversight to early-stage blockchain projects in need of holistic marketing support and guidance."

Chris Bruno June 2020

Christopher Bruno

Fractional CMO

Fractional Chief Marketing Officers Don't

Fractional CMOs don’t sweat the small stuff. They’re there for the bigger picture. If the stuff on this list of Don’ts is what you’re after, check out our digital marketing packages.

Write and send all emails to your list

Schedule social media posts

Track detailed metrics for every marketing asset

Upload blog posts

Redesign button colours on landing pages

Run your day-to-day marketing

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