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Take Control of Your Digital Marketing - 6 Week Course - Starts 03/05/16

Take Control Of Your Digital Marketing Course

Tired of not getting results from your Digital Marketing? Not getting the leads you need? Wasting so much time and effort for little or no returns?

Our Signature course teaches and coaches you to create an online marketing system that works for you. You don't need to be working 8 hours a day to generate leads. In fact, we will be as bold as to say, you can work 3 hours a week on your Digital Marketing and create results that will see your business flourish.

The course includes:

  • Week 1- Time Management - How to get on top of ALL your Digital Marketing in your business, and how to do it all in less than 3 hours a week and start seeing results ASAP! We’ll look at the top tools to help you achieve this and how by being prepared and ready for the week you can conquer social media, mail lists and lead generation
  • Week 2 - Lead Generation - Have a plan! If you don’t know what you want to achieve you’ll never achieve it. We’ll build a great plan together, we’ll choose the tools we need to make this happen and we’ll cover the best ways to develop your marketing to increase the quality and number of leads you receive in your business. 
  • Week 3 - Social Media - Looking at why Facebook is a great tool to target and engage with your potential audience. Using Facebook adverts to build a mail list, increase leads being generated and ultimately generate revenue. We’ll go through Twitter, Instagram and have a chat about why so many companies fail on social when they bite off more than they can chew! 
  • Week 4 - Mail List & Newsletters - It’s all about VALUE! If you’re not giving and adding VALUE then you’ll never build a list. Forget about everything else, just focus on your offering. Why should I be part of your mail list? Why do I want to read your emails? We’ll look at getting on top of your newsletter plan, pre-scheduling newsletters and looking at how to A/B Split test your emails! 
  • Week 5 - Advertising Online - It’s not just about Facebook. The principles of online advertising are simple. You don’t want to miss out on the Skill Set, Tool Set and Mind Set of creating adverts that WORK! ABT - Always Be Testing (Daymond John uses this phrase). If you’re not trying to see what works then you’re not doing it right. We’ll take a look at Google Adwords / Facebook Ads / Twitter Ads and more. 
  • Week 6 - Analytics & ROI - Do you know what’s currently working in your business? Have you figured out how you are generating your leads and more importantly what’s generating REVENUE inside your business? IF you don’t then you can NEVER improve it! Join us to understand your Google Analytics, your Facebook Insights and more!  

This 6 Week course includes 1 hour training and 1 hour coaching per week. As part of your course, you and your course mates will have access to a secret Facebook group just for you, to catch up on training videos, discuss what is being taught and even get access to extra hints, tips and bonuses.

All webinar training includes recorded versions that you can revisit as well as slides, presentations and links being made readily available straight after training.

Want to find out more, give us a call on +44 208 123 5910.

Don't miss out, these courses fill up fast. Make 2016 the year your Digital Marketing works for you.

TUES 03/05/16 - 10/05/16 - 17/05/16 - 24/05/16 - 31/05/16 - 07/06/16 - ALL SESSIONS AT 10:30 AM.