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BITESIZE: Facebook - Engagement / Advertising & Re-Targeting 06/06/16

Are you confused by what's going on when it comes to your Facebook page? 

If you are looking to increase your likes, engagement and use Facebook advertising to generate the right sort of leads for you, then this is the BITESIZE session for you. 

During the 3 hour session, you'll learn all about using your Facebook page to: 

  • Generate an audience that is real and that are potential customers
  • Increase your engagement with creative content
  • Use Facebook advertising to target the right prospects
  • Re-targeting visitors that never purchased
  • Understanding your Facebook page analytics 

We'll show you how we've run campaigns since 2008 for companies of ALL sizes and industries, and we'll share the secrets we've learned from running over £100,000 worth of advertising on the platform. 

If you want to really improve your Facebook and start generating leads from it, then sign up for our course today. You can do this by either filling out the form below, or simply calling us on +44 208 123 5910 

All our BITESIZE sessions are charged at £99. To reserve your space you must pay in advance. All online coaching sessions are then shared as a replay/video for you to be able to watch. 

To make life easier for you, we've made it so as you can simply buy your Bitesize Coaching Session Pass here

You can buy a single session pass for £99 or save 20% when you buy 3 passes together for just £240.