Ok, we’re just going to do it. We’re going to drop the dreaded C-word. Christmas. The festive season might be the last thing on your mind at the moment, with the incoming heatwave and Summer holidays on the horizon. However, as a savvy business owner, you know that the key to success is planning. So, while the rest of the world are topping up their tans and sipping cocktails, you need to be thinking of snowdrifts, stockings and Santa Claus and planning your event marketing ideas for the holidays. 

We’ve all done it, right? The last-minute dash around the shops on Christmas Eve because we were just too busy, the time didn’t seem right, or we forgot someone. Remember how rushed and stressful that is? As a business, you don’t want that for your brand. Starting your event planning in July gives you the time and space for research, planning and production. The key components of a successful and well-executed event. 

Researching and Planning Your Event

The first step to take in event planning is to do your research. 

Let’s face it, Christmas can often be a free-for-all for businesses. Our inboxes become torrents of spam emails with festive offers. Our TVs are flooded with festive adverts. It’s a lot. You need to find your niche. Foodie folk Marks and Spencer have their festive face nailed. It’s all about cosy, home cooking with a luxurious twist. John Lewis know their niche so well their soft-pop covered, sentimental adverts are instantly recognisable on the TV. 

So, what can you do? What is it that your business excels at? Events are a great opportunity to get face-to-face with your customers and offer them some festive spirit. Whether you choose to throw a seasonal party, a Christmas market or perhaps even a wintry webinar, the key is knowing what your audience wants. Need some help with the planning? We’ve got some tips to help you prepare and sell out your events

Event Inspiration

There’s something really magical about the Christmas period. From the twinkling lights to the potential for snow, and of course the anticipation of gathering together with your nearest and dearest for some turkey, trimmings and TV. Any event thrown during this period has the potential to grab a little bit of that Christmas sparkle. The best events are ones that offer up something unique. Let us help with some event marketing ideas for the holidays.

An Open-Air Ice Rink

An open-air ice rink is a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays together. No matter whether you’re a skating pro, or look more like Bambi on the ice it’s a fun way to get people together. 

A Christmas Market

Whether you choose to host a physical market, full of festive food, drink and gift ideas or a themed online marketplace, it’s a great way to draw in customers. Getting people together and shopping creates a cheerful and buzzy atmosphere that’s great for your reputation and sales. You could add a little extra spice by offering vouchers or coupon codes to customers. 

Event Marketing Ideas for the festive season

A Festive Feast

What brings people together? Food. Consider hosting a dinner party that’s packed full of Christmas cheer. 

A Webinar

This might sound unfestive, but it all depends on how you market it. If you have something to offer your customers, whether it’s how to pick the best gift out or how to do the perfect present wrapping, share it! Getting on video is a great way to connect with people. 

Need some ideas to jazz up your video content? We’ve got you. 

Don’t Have A #FestiveFail

As with any seasonal marketing, the key is to keep the spirit of the event in your mind. As consumers, we like authentic, honest communications. If the only goal of your event is profit, your customers won’t like it. These event marketing ideas only work if you remember to offer real value to your attendees.

So think carefully and honestly about your event. 

Poor marketing can also lead to a less than happy festive event. So now is the ideal time to make sure that all of your marketing is shining like a Christmas star. We’re currently offering a free digital marketing consultation to help you get prepared for a successful final quarter. 

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