Ever had blue sparkling wine? We hadn’t either, before Eden. It’s not often that you get to work on a premium brand. Likewise, it’s even rarer to be given the opportunity to launch a campaign or a channel with a premium brand. But here we are. Taking over social media for Eden Blue Sparkling Wine.

As a digital marketing agency, working with brave brands gets our creative juices flowing. Consequently, after a few conversations with Aymeric Bruneau, founder and creator of Eden Blue Sparkling Chardonnay, we were all excited at the prospect of doing something creative with his brand.

Getting Creative with Eden Blue Sparkling Wine

So what does a social media marketing takeover involve? In short, we’ll be looking after Eden’s social profiles for a week, creating unique social media content for Instagram, Facebook, and launching their brand new Twitter account.

But that’s just the tip of the ice cube in your cocktail glass.

Before getting creative on social media we had to spruce up the home of Eden Blue Sparkling Wine. Firstly, in preparation for our takeover, we defined and established a tone of voice for the brand and refined the copy on the website to match it.

For a product and brand as unique as Eden, it was important to present the narrative behind the blue sparkling Chardonnay and its creator. Most importantly, we had to position it carefully within a busy marketplace by leveraging the power of Eden’s USP.

New copy. New imagery. A faster and simpler UX. The foundations are in place for the relaunch of Eden Blue Sparkling Wine across social media.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns for Eden

How do you relaunch a brand or product? By drawing a line under what came before, and starting with a clean slate.

To begin with, each social media channel will count down to the relaunch. In effect, the new branded graphics, in line with the ToV for Eden Blue Sparkling Wine, will set the stage for the week. A week that we’ll kick off on Monday 13th May with a One Minute Briefs competition and special offer code. A week where we will use careful hashtag research, to engage in targeted conversations across social media.

It’s going to be full throttle. It’s going to be intense. But, most importantly, it’s going to be fun and creative. And that’s what every digital marketing agency aspires to.

Given the freedom and the trust to look after a brand and take it in a new direction is a digital marketer’s dream. As far as social media marketing goes, a product like Eden Blue Sparkling Wine has all the right attributes for exciting and creative visual campaigns.

Ultimately, when you’re presented with the opportunity to work on a premium brand, and a brave one at that, you take it. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’re very excited to be working with Eden and can’t wait to share the insights, journey, and progress with you.

Starting today, with One Minute Briefs:

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Gareth Alvarez
Gareth Alvarez

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