Not only a new year but a new decade so we couldn’t pass up the chance to share our thoughts on what we think are the major digital marketing trends for 2020.

Things change so quickly as new platforms come and go and existing platforms add new features. It can become quite overwhelming if you try to keep up with every little change and actually, you don’t need to. Instead, you just need to get a sense of the overall changes so you know what’s important for getting your message out online.

Put the social back into social media in 2020

There’s a lot of buzz at the moment around the terms ‘conversational marketing’ and this is all about the age-old fact that people like to do business with people. It may be a new term, but it isn’t a new concept. It’s a reminder that despite the fact that our lives have moved online, we still enjoy and want the personal touch.

Nowhere is this more important than on social media. Social media will continue to offer fantastic opportunities for businesses of all sizes but you need to make sure you’re keeping it social. It’s just not good enough to schedule a week of social media posts and think that you’re done. Focus on starting and having two-way conversations and developing relationships. Make sure you aren’t just posting for the sake of it.

Answer the questions people are asking

On similar lines, it’s becoming more and more important that your content focuses on the questions that people are asking. After all, how can you provide them with real value if you don’t have an idea of what they want to know? 

Voice search is big and growing all the time and this means the nature of Google searches is changing. People are more likely to use the phrases and questions of natural speech rather than the shorter phrases they might have typed into Google in the past. It is predicted that by 2020, 50 per cent of all searches will be voice searches.

You can see the impact of this in the Google search results where there are often ‘rich snippets’ at the top which give a concise answer to the search query and a section showing the questions that ‘people also ask’. You can use this information when you’re writing blog posts or creating other content to make sure that you are answering the right questions.

Try video …

There are some marketing trends that have been big for a while but are showing no sign of stopping any time soon and video is one of those. It’s massive! YouTube is the second most popular social media platform with 1.9 billion users worldwide. And in case you’re thinking it isn’t for business, ‘90% of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube’. (Source)

If you haven’t used video in your marketing yet, put it on your list for 2020. It’s highly effective, with 72% of businesses saying that video has improved their conversion rate (source).

It’s also very accessible for small businesses. You don’t need highly produced videos. All you need is your smartphone and you can try streaming live on Facebook or Instagram.

… or start a podcast

Another trend is the growth of podcasting. You’ve probably seen statements like 2019 is the year of the podcast, or 2020 is the year of the podcast. More than half of Americans have now listened to a podcast and frequency is on the rise too.

This means there are opportunities for you to create your own podcast, be a guest contributor on somebody else’s podcast or sponsor a podcast as a way to reach a new audience with your brand.

Try to think about what one particular niche would be most of interest to your target audience. That will allow you to become a specialist in your area and provide real insights and value to your audience. 

Digital Marketing Trends 2020: Strategy

Whatever digital marketing trends come and go, nothing new and shiny can replace having a clear strategy and consistently producing good content. 

Set yourself clear objectives for 2020 and then decide on the strategy to help you achieve them. Once you have that groundwork in place you can decide which trends have the most to offer your business.

Whichever channels and approaches you decide to use, keep in mind that privacy is another growing trend. A number of high profile data breaches have led to a much greater awareness of data protection and privacy. Make sure that you have got all the right structures in place to protect your clients’ data.

There’s no shortage of digital marketing approaches to try in 2020 but a common thread linking them all is the importance of interacting with people as people. Keep your marketing conversational and friendly and treat your audience as the individuals they are and you won’t go far wrong. If you’d like to have a talk to us about how best you can implement the latest digital marketing trends in your business book a free consultation now.