Most companies don't utilise their BIGGEST asset!

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.
Henry Ford

Most companies’ biggest asset is completely under-utilised on social media. Your team! Your Staff! Your Clients! 

It’s amazing but we often forget all about those closest to us when it comes to the development of our online marketing. the expression “if you don’t promote yourself, who will” comes to mind. 

At Social INK we’ve worked with hundreds of companies since 2008 and invariably we have realised that the engagement from staff in most companies is minimal. So why is it that we don’t push our team to get involved in our online conversation? 

By building our team’s sense of ownership for the social awareness of our brands we can compound our benefit online. If you imagine you have a team of 10 people. Each person has 150 friends on Facebook.

If all 10 people shared the company’s update the result is a potential 1,500 people that will see it. Those people can in turn create new followers as well as sharing the company’s news/blog or other content. 

So what do you need to do? Well, as long as you have interesting and good quality content going online, there’s not much to do other than get your team on board. 

Invariably this works well for all departments, sales get a massive boost of confidence, as more people interact and share, you should see a rise in leads. Marketing love it when people get involved, it boosts the brand and invariably generates a better quality of conversation online. Management love seeing numbers go up, engagement, leads and sales.

When it comes to the development of you team’s engagement, we built a 1 day workshop which helps us to re-enforce why this is so important to your team and to make sure that you continue to build this image online. Employees wanting to get involved is a great sign when it comes to building trust with customers. It shows that everyone is on the same page. 

Our 6 hour workshop is split in to a morning and an afternoon session and is the perfect way to get everyone in the company involved in what your brand is currently doing. It’s not just marketing that can get involved. You may even find that some of the team would be happy to generate content to help push the company’s brand. So why not give them a chance to shine, whilst improving your online presence? 

For more information on our Digital Marketing Team Engagement Workshops, simply contact us on +44 208 123 5910 or alternatively use the contact button below.

We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together.
Bill Richardson

Our 1 day workshop covers: 

  • Why employees are a company’s biggest asset

  • How the team can get involved to help with Social efforts

  • The team’s input to content creation and what would help them with their respective departments

  • Social media for everyone in the company

  • Getting involved and the benefits for the company as a whole

  • Social proof as content

  • Get other stakeholders involved

  • All elements are focused on your team and your company